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Sep 21, 2013 01:47 PM

Thuan Dat in Quincy now a New York Mart(s)

Thuan Dat in Quincy (aka the old CVS space on Hancock) has been converted to a New York Mart (though their temp sign reads New York Marts). Not sure why the rush to open, as their shelves are half-empty and today while browsing they were still stocking up on the dry goods. Their seafood and meat areas are up and running, as are the fresh veggies.

Didn't do much to spiff up the place from Thuan Dat days but I always look forward to a closer market option when I'm out an ingredient. Will look forward to their being fully stocked and see if they offer anything new or more competitive prices. I imagine they will plan a bigger grand opening with some deals to be had in the near future.

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  1. A bunch of us were wondering what was going in there. Heck, we didn't even know that Thuan Dat was closing until we noticed the empty shelves during a drive-by.

    1. Is New York Mart also a Vietnamese Market then? I'm sorry to hear about Thuan Dat. I used to shop there regularly, although I haven't been recently since Lucky Market opened.

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        With the shelves half-empty, hard to say, but there is a lot of cross-pollination of SE Asian products with Chinese markets in this region these days. I think it's intended to be run-of-the-mill Chinese, but I likewise hope they keep some pan-Asian ingredients too.

        If you want harder to find Vietnamese ingredients, you can try Phu Cuong in Dorchester, not too far from Quincy. Same owners as Thuan Dat, but a much bigger store. I wouldn't be surprised if they let Thuan Dat go to focus on that location.

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          That would make sense :nodding:

          We're not big on Asian cooking-at-home, but I love wandering around both Lucky and Kam Man just figuring out what things area that aren't obvious or figuring out what it's used for.

      2. window glass & logo out back says Super88, main sign says Thuan Dat, banner says New York "Marts", bag says New York Mart, handwritten flyer & price-stickers say Ming's, and receipt says Zen Market. oi vey. all the vietnamese stuff is gone - the weird leaves, the sandwich shop, the 15 kinds of highlands coffee. between this, the fact that dorchester asian markets carry not only typical fare, but west-indian, latino and even cape-verdean stuff (especially Truong Thinh and Kam Man), the shopping situation is light-years ahead up there. everyone seems to have long since given up shopping locally and drives down to the braintree line for the walmart-sized markets or redline into boston so theyll probably be somewhat sucessful just based on the gaping-void that chinese produce-shopping has been in North Quincy and Wollaston.

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          To add to confusion, the Chinese name uses the names for both C-Mart and Ming's.. :/