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Sep 21, 2013 01:32 PM

Where to buy Mortodella


just came back from Italy and had some of the best Mortodella (obviously since it's made there). Is there any place to buy it in New York (any borough) which doesn't make it too salty and as authentic as italy?


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  1. Mortadella can be found many places. Try Arthur Avenue in the Bronx (Calabria Pork Store), or Eataly in Manhattan are just two spots off the top of my head. You might want to edit your post for the correct spelling :).

    1. Bedford Cheese Shop has some pretty nice Mortadella. Meat Hook has it now too (homemade I think), but I have yet to try it. And Stinky Cheese in Brooklyn has the best we've had recently.

      1. It is only very recently that laws were changed to allow mortadella to be imported into the US. Even now, I think that there are restrictions on import, with only the products of certain producers allowed. So while you may never find the exact product you enjoyed in Italy, you can find both imported and domestically made versions in many, if not all, large Italian markets. I would head for one of the pork stores/butchers along Arthur Avenue. In Manhattan, DiPalo is a great source.

        1. Google pulls up a specific mention of Meat Hook's mortadella NOT being too salty. Esposito's (Court St, Bklyn) house-makes a lot of really good stuff but their mort. might actually be Italian import. It has been way too long since I tasted it so I can't comment on it (other than that I've never had anything bad there).

          1. If you ate it in Italy you must get the imported mortadella. Most of the delis on Arthur Ave, in the Bronx carry it.