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Sep 21, 2013 01:06 PM

Kosher in london on sunday

Hey everyone,
I'm in london and wondering - are any of the golders green / hendon bakeries / restaurants open on Sunday? It's kinda hard to know what opens when, their websites don't really help. Yesterday I schlepped to GG in the afternoon to buy some food for Shabbat but everything was closed!

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  1. Well, of course everything was closed, it was yomtov! I don't understand why you would expect anything kosher to be open. Sunday everything should be open, no reason for it not to be.

    1. Seem to remember you mentioning once that you are from Israel. Maybe you didn't know that in chutz l'aretz, Jewish holidays are 2 days, instead of one.
      If you are still in England next week, you will run into the same situation -- kosher groceries, bakeries, etc. will be closed Friday as well as Thursday. So you'll need to prepare for Shabbat in advance by shopping on Wednesday.
      Chag sameach!

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        Right! I totally forgot about that.

      2. Most places will be open Sunday.