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Sep 21, 2013 12:50 PM

Arlington Kabob -- Try it! (Next to Linda's Café)

The new place next to Linda's Cafe is good. The Persian food is good, and we enjoyed the lamb chops ( succulent and tenderest I've ever had, in fact) and the keema kabob. The mom and daughter team are really aiming to please, and are also offering Persian stews.

Please check them out. We enjoyed it, and they are open later than many places in Arlington. WE LIKED THEIR KABOB BETTER THAN RAVI KABOB -- more tender, juicy and flavorful. The bread is really good and fresh (and large). THEIR GREEN YOGURT SAUCE ALONE IS WORTH THE TRIP -- DRINKABLE! The chick peas are not as good as Ravi, but are more subtle -- my opinion. Their eggplant was good, but the spices are low-key. They aim for local, sustainable produce. Their rice is OK, but not as good as Amoo's. (It was better the next day, frankly).

The environment is super clean, cheerful, chic and spotless -- including the bathrooms. It is all tastefully done -- and definitely a surprise to what you'd expect. (They have transformed this place into a NICE SPACE). Please go and see how you like it. We were well pleased. They also have a couple of outdoor tables, so you can enjoy the good weather.

As of now, their coffee and cardamom tea are free.

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  1. i like the chappli kabob a lot-- and next time i will ask for it "sophia spicy" to get what i'd like as an extra spicy dish in those nice moist beef patties.

    we are happy to see their business is picking up. These ladies are extremely generous, and they give you good food.


    PS. get an extra sauce to make your life a lovely thing at the moment. That stuff is nectar.

    1. Hi Alka, I went and ordered the lamb and chicken combo and it was very nice, indeed! The naan arrived first with the green spicy yogurt, so I munched on a bit of bread and spiced it up with 'salsa verde'. What is that stuff, really? It is delicious. Anyway, about 10 or 12 minutes after I ordered, I got a nice large plateful of lamb and chicken, topping a generous portion of golden rice and a fresh side salad. Cardamon and some other spice in the background, but it was delicious. The naan is thicker and softer than I am used to, and it is a nice difference.
      I didn't get the special because I wanted lamb, but the chicken was very nice. At the price, ($5.95?) I don't see how the special can have much chicken in it, so for a light lunch it might fit the bill just right.
      The chickpeas (chole?) were nice, subtle, not overpowering, maybe not quite as great as Ravi's but good.
      The free wifi was a nice touch as well!

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      1. re: Ziv

        that plate was $6? wow -- i think that's a good deal, indeed. thanks for the photo.

        1. re: alkapal

          Oh no, my comment is unintentionally fairly deceptive, I did not have the $5.95 Special, which has to have less meat, I got the $13.95 Combo Platter, which has a good amount of meat and chickpeas. Sorry Alka!

          1. re: Ziv

            ziv, i should have read more carefully. thanks for clarifying.

            those were lamb chunks and not chops, right? i wonder if the seasoning and tenderness are the same. i'm sure the chops are more tender, but, how would you rate the seasoning and tenderness of the chunks?

            i loved my three lamb chops there, but they are $13.99 (started out as $12.99). so, in comparison, for $27 at amoo's i get three new zealand double lamb chops, but those are absolutely swoon-worthy with amoo's sensational rice pilaf (enough lamb for two to share). amoo's wins in the lamb chops battle, hands down -- better and chop-for-chop $1 cheaper.

            have you tried amoo's lamb chops?
            ps, OT, i saw your SUV with two people about a month ago -- "ziv" on the plates -- in the kingstowne area of springfield. i would've said hi, but your vehicle turned left before i could get eye contact. (mr. alka was surprised as i exclaimed, "hey, there's ZIV!" LOL).

            1. re: alkapal

              I am glad you didn't flag them down, because I sold my SUV several months ago, I drive a Chevy Volt and I have never had Ziv on my tags... LOL!
              I have done Amoo's lamb and it was really good, but the combo dish I had there had one other meat that was decidedly odd, wish I could remember the meal. A persian friend ordered tahdiq and salmon there and the tahdig was kind of good, but the rest was hit or miss.

              1. re: Ziv

                i don't like amoo's kabobs (the ground meat ones) because to me they had a super weird texture -- rubbery, in fact. maybe that's what you are thinking of, too

                just looked it up on their menu: koobideh
                "Koobideh $12
                Fresh ground beef marinated in house seasonings and grated onions. Skewered and grilled to perfection"

                …on the other hand, i am totally enamored of their grilled chilean sea bass kabobs and lamb chops. i don't order salmon any more these days because i just can't get into farmed salmon -- flavor or texture!
                funny about the car business. LOL.

                1. re: alkapal

                  I've had kabobs with lamb chunks, but what's "kabob-ish" about lamb chops? Or is it just that kabob shops also grill lamb chops?

                  I've seen chopan kabob on menus, described as "lamb chop." Do they stick a skewer through a couple of lamb chops and use it as a handle to turn them over?

                  Inquiring minds want to know, not that I'm that big a fan of lamb chops. The skewered chunks of marinated lamb. are fine with me.

          2. re: alkapal

            This is what the Special looks like. Less meat than the Combo but for $6 it is a bargain!
            This one is Rosemary Chicken w spinach and a garden salad. Pretty good stuff.

          3. re: Ziv

            I had the $5.95 chicken special one day last week. Indeed, there was very little chicken mixed in with a mound of rice. It filled me up and it was tasty so I was pleased with my lunch, but if I wanted a plate of chicken, I'd have ordered a chicken kabob, $9 or so, I think.

          4. i found a pic of my lamb chops there.

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            1. re: alkapal

              I think I will try the lamb chops next time, they look pretty good. I had the chicken kabob for $9 (?) this time, pretty good! She gave me two helpings of the green yogurt sauce with the parsley. Pretty darned good meal. My iPhone doesn't do it justice.