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Sep 21, 2013 10:42 AM

Heartland Table - a new cooking show

I caught this new cooking show on FN this morning and really enjoyed it. The host, Amy Thielen, is an experienced chef who worked professionally for several years in the kitchens of some pretty big names--Boulud, Vongerichten and Bouley—before returning to her native Minnesota, where the show is filmed. Her extended family featured heavily in the episode that I saw, but not in a cutesy or annoying way, and Thielen herself is a natural and engaging host. Today she made fried bologna, ghee, a pepper-crusted pork loin, fresh onion dip and grilled flatbreads. The show repeats tomorrow morning at 9:30.

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  1. I watched it this morning and enjoyed it too. The ring bologna looked really good but imo that onion dip stole the show.

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    1. re: miss_belle

      For parties we often make a hot appy that includes the bologna ring exactly as the recipe link in the OP outlines as well as the same method for salami and large thick hot dogs served with three types of mustard, soft Russian Rye and homemade thousand island dressing. Always a hit.

      I look forward to catching the show soon.

      1. re: HillJ

        She said the fried bologna is a big hit with kids and served it with crackers. Hurry home J! You're missing some lovely weather.:)

        1. re: EM23

          EM, I'm in Vermont at the moment and it's pretty darn beautiful here too. Home in 1 wk. :)

      2. re: miss_belle

        That version of onion dip is always a show stopper!

        1. re: miss_belle

          Yes! I am looking forward to making that recipe.

        2. I recorded Pioneer Woman right before this show and caught the intro and was kicking myself for not recording it. Thanks for the heads up for tomorrow. I have it set to record. It looks like a show I will like.

          1. The show I saw last week (I think it was the 1st one) was butter-centric and was lovely. I liked her low-key and homey style.

            Just hope the FN doesn't glam her up.

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            1. re: pine time

              I forgot to mention that I saw Lidia’s name scroll by in the credits, and with a little googllng I found the article linked below that confirms that the show is produced by Lidia’s Tavola Productions and Random House. Here’s hoping that means that FN will have no input on production.

              1. re: EM23

                Good to know. I did see Lidia's name, but didn't know the connection/non-connection with FN production.

                Really liking the show, so far. Just printed the flatbread recipe, in fact, to try today.

                1. re: pine time

                  Please report back on how it turns out, Pine. She made that look so simple that I was thinking of making it too.

                  1. re: EM23

                    Will do. The dough is in the fridge, as per her instructions. Flatbread for lunch today!

                    1. re: pine time

                      Just had time yesterday evening to slap 2 of the refrigerated flat breads on a griddle (didn't grill), but they were quite good. I think my yeast is getting a little stale, but it's definitely a recipe I'll make again (I make naans all the time, so this being a keeper is a good thing).

            2. I've only watched last weeks so far which I loved. I have todays recorded.

              1. I've been watching the promos for a while and really loving the concept...kind of a rebuttal to the image of the Midwest that gets played out on oh, every other food-related show. Thanks for the heads-up that it has actually started sounds like what I hoped it would be.