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Sep 21, 2013 09:51 AM

Mazur's Bakery Closed Permanently?


Heard a rumor that this place was shut down by the local health dept. (Yikes!) Anyone know more details? The place has been there forever, why did they let it go downhill so far?

  1. WHOA. Hadn't heard.

    News12 has this posted, which includes a press release from the son of the original family:

    ETA: Not sure why the headline reads "after 100 years" when the article says they opened in 1937--last time I did math, that = 76.

    1. The place was dark and empty on Friday . Some of the display wedding cakes were still in the window. The town said there were health code violations , the owner said it was too hard to maintain the place with aging plumbing and bursting pipes and rising rents according to what I read in an article forewarded to me by a friend who lived nearby the store..It was usually very busy and popular.

      1. Thanks for letting people know about the closing of Mazur's Bakery. We have a policy regarding Health Department Closures that's relevant here.

        Chowhound is a great place to discuss where to find deliciousness, but when it comes to serious issues like health violations (or issues that create health violations), we're not a reliable source for information. We've found that such discussion is almost always rife with speculation and inaccuracies. Because of that, we disallow that type of conversation. But there is a need for 'hounds to know if a place is closed so they don't try to go there. You can see this thread for more details:

        We've locked, rather than deleted the discussion, so the basic information is available.