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Sep 21, 2013 06:10 AM

Latin Quarters, Raleigh

Anyone been to Latin Quarters? They are focusing a lot on the nightclub part of the business but have an interesting menu and accommodate children.

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  1. They opened a few weeks ago. I've been for both lunch and dinner and, at the moment, I'd recommend going for dinner. The menu is still being tweaked, so some items may appear and disappear still.

    For dinner, I'd recommend the mofongo and the feijoada. I feel comfortable recommending anything with fish or seafood as I know the owner is insanely picky about the quality of his fish. The owner is Italian/Argentinian and is fanatical about the dishes being true to home.

    The sausages are made in-house and are very good. The two different styles of empanadas are also worth ordering.

    The lunch menu is very much a work in progress. Honestly, I think the lunch prices need to be a little bit lower to be competitive in their geographic area. However, the quantities are quite respectable.

    There are definitely some service issues which I hope will even out soon. That's not to say that the service is bad, just that there are some quirky little blips that can be disconcerting.

    I've been on a weekend night, but not late-night, so I can't tell you anything about the nightclub part. I wouldn't say they're child-friendly because that seems to connote crayons and playgrounds to some. They certainly aren't child-unfriendly, though, and I have seen children there and wouldn't hesitate to bring my own.

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      Good to know, thanks. We've been thinking about dinner there. The house-made sausages look good. I actually tweeted them recently about kids and they said bring 'em on. I don't have to have crayons, but like to make sure places I've never been are cool with kids before we go.