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Sep 20, 2013 10:56 PM

Pig and Khao's Leah Cohen fired

Leah Cohen made Pig and Khao a happening place with great food.
She is a talented chef and an awesome person. In my opinion, The Fatty Crew just tried to over power her with their legal clout to not pay her what she was due. Pig and Khao was the best restaurant that the Fatty Crew had. Their other restaurants all are pretty bad in my opinion ( although they are successful). I was a regular at P & K and they treated regulars very nicely. I loved that place and I hope Leah can open a new place real soon.
Like Maharlika and Jeepney, she made Filipino food popular with non Filipinos, but also made a good Khao soi and mixed in some Viet Nam dishes. I will never go back to Pig and Khao, and never will eat at any of the places the Slimy Crew has. I believe every word the article stets Leah Cohen says. I've seen it many times, where landlords and suppliers are not paid and the money drained out of a place.

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  1. She wasn't fired. It says: "The claims are in retaliation to a termination of Ms. Cohen's contract as the chef in July of 2013, but she was not removed pending a deal to buy out Mr. Camac's 50 percent ownership interest."

    But yes, something's fishy here and it's not Cohen. Haven't been to Pig & Khao yet, but hopefully she'll find a way to separate it from Camac/Fatty Cue and continue being successful.

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      Pig and Khao was her passion and dream. THe fatty boys, drained it of the money, took her money, and as she said they didn't pay the bills to suppliers, staff etc, but paid themselves a management fee. Basically they screwed her. She is a nice person, I feel bad. She said she put up almost half a million bucks of her own money ( her father's too) and now left with nothing. I loved her vietnamese fried oysters and her sizzling sisig.

    2. So who is running the show at Pig & Khao nowadays? It'd be a crying shame if she's not in the kitchen. Between the 3 Filipin-ish restaurants you mentioned, Pig & Khao was my favorite. Her khao soi and sisig, enjoyed at the counter with a view of the kitchen, were one of the better draws in her part of the LES, imo.

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        i haven't been there since she is gone, but I will stop by for an update. In the past when she wasn't there, the food wasn't as good.Maybe she will get backing for a new place.