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First Date on UWS

Stuggling with this. Sat night first date on UWS. Want a place with a bar and tables to sit down afterwards if it goes well. Also want avg or lower noise level and moderate pricing (doesn't have to be inexpensive but don't want expensive either). Have been to Arte (and may end up back there) but tends to be noisy. Reviews show Cava as noisy. Cesca too expensive. Fish Tag just doesn't seem to have first date vibe. Spiga? Tangled Vine? Tolani? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I am giggling because just last week i was on a first date on uws....
    We went to bin 71, smaller place that feels intimate with nice selection and a few outdoor tables, nibbles not real food.
    Wine and roses would also be a good pick- the food is more significant than nibbles but still has great glasses selection and atmosphere.
    And both are close enough for a romantic walk to "see the fountain lit up at night by lincoln center".....;) hahahaha, it worked on me!!

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      Thank you. I'm guessing you wouldn't have had an issue being taken to a place called "Wine and Roses" on a 1st date ... as someone else on Yelp kinda said?

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        What? Those yelpers are funny...... Nothing offensive in the name for me.

    2. Calle Ocho has a great vibe and flavorful food.

      1. One potential problem with your plan is that if all goes well (and I hope it does, for you!) it may not be possible to sit without a long wait.

        But maybe you won't mind waiting.

        B Cafe is possible - Amsterdam and 88 or so, Belgian food, good mussels, lots of good beer.

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          Agreed. But if we want to sit down and there is a long wait for a table at Bin71 or Wine and Roses, Arte Cafe (and others) have openings for tables as we speak and we can always just walk over there.

        2. Cotta has a nice bar and separate seating area. Food is better than average.

          Casa Pomona, the place that opened and then immediately closed due to flooding, has now reopened and looks promising. Haven't been yet, but I'm planning to try it.

          I hate not being able to recommend Corvo Bianco. The bar would be perfect for a first date, but I've been disappointed with the food.

          1. Cafe Ronda is a fun first date place

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                So started out at Bin 71 - much too noisy. Checked Cafe Talluleh - private party downstairs so ended up at Riposo 72. Still very very noisy - had to shout across the table at one another. But couldn't go on looking for places the entire night. Thanks everyone.

                BTW, flatbread at Riposo not bad.

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                  Riposo seems to have gotten busier after all the new bars opened up. Dakota Bar, Cafe Talluleh, Park West, and Red Frog, all within a three block radius, popped up around the same time. We also lost Emerald Inn and PJ Rourke's, but Riposo has been more full than I've ever seen it.

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                    Interesting. I wanted to get to Wine and Roses, but she suggested Riposo. It's ok, just had to speak up a bit. I just prefer first dates in a more quite intimate atmosphere. Thanks again.

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                      Next time, Tolani. Good vibe, food is better than you'd expect too

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                        Riposo is cute! Seems near impossible to find a not crazy busy place on a fri/sat anymore....

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                          I hear ya. I thought Wine and Roses was a little quieter. But didn't want to spend the entire evening ducking into and out of places ... if you know what I mean. Thanks again!