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Sep 20, 2013 08:31 PM

Lemon Basil - what to wth it

Our community garden has a ton (OK, maybe not quite) of lemon basil. Looking for suggestions.

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  1. I would use with chicken ,fish veggies such as cauliflower . I've only tasted picked fresh from a neighbor's garden and not incorporated in a dish. Also with tofu or tempe .

    1. Make a pesto! Sundried tomato and feta cheese be especially good in a pesto with lemon basil...maybe mix in some Italian basil if the lemon flavor is pungent. I use flavored basils in everything -soup toppers, green salads, spring rolls, hummus, white bean spreads, flavor vinegars, make lemon basil oil or a lemon basil cello.

      1. I just harvested mine and put it in the food processor with a little olive oil, then put it into an ice cube tray to freeze it. I'll pull out a cube of it later for soups or anything that I would normally add a bit of lemon to, like chicken, fish or vegetables.

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          Sandiasingh, will the olive oil actually freeze. I do that sort of thing with broths and such but have had trouble freezing oily items.

          1. re: solo40

            It sure does in my freezer. Hard as a rock. I use just a dab.

        2. muddle it with sugar and shake with gin for cocktails.

          1. Add leaves to garden salads or mush up in vinaigrette. I like it with pasta but DW doesn't.