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Sep 20, 2013 08:09 PM

Escape in Montclair...fantastic

Bryan Gregg has found his groove. I have never enjoyed a meal at a BYO as much as I did at Escape. The corn bread and biscuits...ethereal. The hamaichi appetizer, a triumph. Locally sourced hard to get ingredients presented like artwork. Ribeye you could cut with a fork, scallops like pillows dressed up with mushrooms, kale, and corn that must have been picked today. A house dried braciolla that was like silk. I'm glad that dude bailed on Ho-Ho-kus....better than A Toute Herre and Zod better watch his back. A home run.

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  1. Up until you used the word "dude" I thought you might be a professional food writer. My mouth is watering. Way to use adjectives...dude!

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      Yes, excellent review...what a use of expressive adjectives. I've had a few friends go here and they all raved about it.

      I met Bryan Gregg when he was at the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn. I am not a regular at the HHK Inn -- which was a "more my style" kind of menu. However, I didn't know his history, travels, etc. or keep up on the happenings, so I wasn't aware that he was at Michael Anthony's. I checked out the menu here, and while not really "my speed" or "my tastes " it looks very good. I "like" the lunch menu better than the dinner menu, but that's just me, my likes, tastes, etc. -- and that says and means nothing about the quality of the menu, the restaurant, or Bryan -- it's just me and my likes/tastes/etc.

      I could "fight" the menu due to my tastes and easily find something, so I would certainly go here. I'll add it to my Montclair list -- and thank you again for the excellent review...and no, I am not using the word "dude"...LOL.

    2. Based on the review from Cold Beer, we went here Friday night. Let me just say, it was FAR from stellar. Most of the wine glasses on the table were filthy! Portions of both appetizers and mains were minuscule. Service was so uneven- Both appetizers and mains came out piecemeal- there were eight of us, and about half the table got served, and then a wait of a few minutes and the rest of the dishes came out one by one. Two of the main courses went back as they came out cold. NO ONE loved any particular course. One more thing. I go to A Toute Heure occasionally and love their mussel preparations. The one at Escape was bland at best- and the dish came out of the kitchen lukewarm. This was just an OK restaurant at best, and that night, they lost eight potential repeat customers- and no one there seemed to care too much.

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        We had a similar experience, Sockster. We were there on a very slow weekday night in August. There were just four tables occupied. It felt as though the kitchen was on vacation, too. One complaint was that I ordered a tomato and watermelon salad which arrived with just tomatoes - no explanation or apology. Overall, the food was just okay. I can't even remember what we had because no one at the table was that excited about their food. Our friends, who joined us and who had previously dined there, said that the biscuits were not nearly as good as the last time they were there. My husband wants to give them another chance - when it's not the height of summer vacation time. I would rather spend my dining money at A Toute Heure if I'm looking for a farm-to-table experience.

      2. We ate there tonight. We enjoyed it. We like "New American/ Farm to Table" places. We would recommend it and we shall return!

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