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Sep 20, 2013 07:05 PM

Fayette Street Grille, Conshohocken

Enjoyed another wonderful dinner at Fayette Street Grille this past Wednesday. FSG has a prix-fixe 3-course menu for $36 pp, which includes your choice of Starter/Appetizer; Main Course and Dessert. I had Amazonian Sea Bass with Shaved Fennel and Citrus, which came with Basmati Rice; hubby ordered the special of Ahi Tuna with Asian Raspberry Glaze; my sister ordered the Grilled Salmon, which came with Garlic Leeks and she substituted asparagus; her bf ordered Braised Duck with Cranberry Glaze, which came with sides of Sweet Potato Mousse and Asparagus. For starters, two chose the Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese; I had the Bay Scallop Ceviche Martini and one ordered the Beet Salad. Dessert offerings for the evening included Peach Cobbler, Coconut Rum Bread Pudding and Dark Side of the Moon cake, which were all fabulous. Since this past week was restaurant week in Conshohocken, the price per person was $35 for our dinner. The restaurant is a BYOB, so with three courses and your own wine selections, the value is very good. Highly recommend. If you would like to view the complete menu, it is available on their website.

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  1. We hosted our son's rehearsal dinner there and it was a festive evening with very good food and warm service.

    1. Thanks for the reminder. Haven't been there in years but always liked it.