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Sep 20, 2013 07:03 PM

Vers- Chatham MA/Cape Cod

Jillian and I tried Vers, arriving at 7 PM for an early dining experience.

Vers is like nothing on Cape Cod. I recommend it for locals desiring a creative dining experience.

The pluses:

Very friendly capable waitstaff
Creative menu
Colorful and well plated meals
Carefully executed
The special cocktail: The Show Pony: Elderflower Syrup, Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice, Lillet Blanc and Prosecco.

The negatives:

small wine pours (why do restaurants put wine in tiny carafe's and serve) 11.00 for an amazing Pinot Gris but small pour
uncomfortable chairs
tight seating (to the point we did not want to talk as we would be heard by the party 1 foot away)

It's slightly pricey but the quality and presentation is so worth it. Will go back for the food, but wouldn't run back due to the stark uncomfortable ambiance.

No music

VERY nice bathroom, lots of candles, clean wonderful!

My half with an app, cocktail, one wine, entree and a shared dessert was 67.00 before a generous tip.

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  1. Could you describe what you two ate? What kind of food/menu?

    1. I had a duo of smoked fish. Jillian had a deconstructed beet gazpacho. For my entree, I had the Blackfish with Quinoa and roasted Eastham beets. Jillian had a pork belly / chop special. We shared the Melba dessert. Everything is very artful and creative. I wish I could describe it was quite different..the menu of the non specials can be viewed on this link

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        Thanks for the added detail. It would seem that the Cape finally has a few chefs doing the type and quality of food one finds in the city. Based on current reports, I'd put Vers, 28 Atlantic, and Ceraldi in that class. The Regatta in Cotuit may also qualify, not sure. It's a shame that with over 1,000 restaurants on our little man made island, that only a small handful of truly skilled and innovative chefs are cooking here, buy it's nice to hear when a new one is added to the fray. Thanks.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          I want to add, the meal preparation starts in the kitchen and continues at the table. Our waitress finished several of our dishes at the table. The diners next to us had a dessert created on glass at their table. The chef came out with his ingredients and created dessert art. They ate it right off the special glass that fit over the entire table! WOW..

      2. I had read a nice review of the patisserie portion of Vers and found ourselves in Chatham yesterday around lunch time. It was hard to ascertain if they did lunch from the web, so we stopped in. It appears they do a little to-go menu, but we were looking for a full service sit down experience so we walked up the street. I will say that the pastry part of the operation was a bit laughable, 6 chocolate chip cookies ($3) and about 12 French Macaroons and bon bons at an unknown price. And 1/2 dozen pastries on a cake plate. That's it. We could have bought out the entire store with a $50 bill and had change to spare. PB Boulangerie and Maison Villatt has no worries here. Dying to try the dinner experience though. Room looked nice through the windows upstairs.

        1. I've had dinner at Vers three times (the 3rd time last night) and lunch once.I heartily second all of the good things said about Vers and add that we are so lucky to have Vers on the Cape. The food and presentation are extraordinary and unique--elements of molecular gastronomy and subtle reflections of the chef/owner's Dutch heritage (versions of croquettes, for example). The "truth or dare" dessert created table-side by the pastry chef is an amazing composition of flavors. Vers does serve lunch as well, but it is a bit confusing. Some lunch dishes are available in the patisserie on the lower level where dinner is served, but a more expansive lunch menu is available in the street level lobby of the Orpheum theater although there are just a few tables. The upstairs lunch menu is extensive and creative, again with choices not found elsewhere on the Cape.