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Sep 20, 2013 06:42 PM

ISO recipe "beaver houses" drop cookie (cooked sugar, cocoa, oats, coconut, walnuts)

this is an old late 1960's - early to mid 1970's recipe from the young people's magazine called something like Golden Magazine. I think the younger kids read "Jack and Jill" magazine.

anyway - it is a drop cookie that you make on the stovetop (no baking) - and drop on the wax paper-lined cookie sheet by the spoonful.

it consisted of white granulated sugar, and cocoa powder. Cook in a saucepan to a boil - for X minutes. Remove from heat, add some vanilla extract, some flaked uncooked oats, some long-thread coconut, some walnuts

no eggs or flour or soda or anything like that. It might have had a BIT of salt in it

definitely NO rice crisp cereal or anything like that - i'm pretty sure of it.

any ideas for a more exact recipe?

thank you.

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  1. oh - i forgot to say i am sure there was a bit of butter and milk too - in the cooked sugar - cocoa mix at the beginning of the process

    1. I have seen similar recipes from time to time. Considering the current slang connotation of "beaver", I assume these treats have been renamed. Have you tried searching using terms like "no-bake cookie" along with key ingredients?

        1. They sound much like what my MIL calls 'frogs'. This recipe seems to fit the description.

          1. Oh, so you're looking for a recipe for those dam cookies.


            Yes, I think they've been renamed, but my brain is stuck on "haystacks" -- could that be it?

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              that's funny, Sunshine

              thank you everyone - will check out these suggestions