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Sep 20, 2013 04:29 PM

suggestions for dinner after apple picking, quick but hearty

We are going for our annual apple picking adventure on Sunday, and there is rain in the morning, and clouds in the afternoon. We are coming back to the house to eat after, and I'm thinking it's a little chilly for the summer "burgers, coleslaw, salad" dinner. I'm going to do ribs on the grill, but thinking of other things that might be a little more "fall" themed, but won't take too much prep. Any ideas?

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  1. You'll have eaten apples, so I don't think you want apples to be a major part of the dinner/dessert for that day. I think sausages on the grill, or braised with onions and beer, and some roasted/grilled sweet potatoes. Maybe a little applesauce as a condiment. The coleslaw would still be good, or grilled cabbage wedges.

    Another idea - bake halved acorn squashes stuffed with a mixture of cooked breakfast sausage, bread, sauteed onion, diced apple, spices, and a little maple syrup (egg binder optional). You can speed things along by prepping and partially nuking the squash the day before, and making the stuffing (add apple and egg on Sunday, just before baking).
    Refrigerate the squash and stuffing separately. This is a one-dish meal.

    1. Butternut squash soup sounds ideal. You can make it in advance and simply reheat it for serving.

      If you own a slow cooker, consider something like wine and apple braised sauerkraut while you're out picking.

      1. Wound up with steak and chicken, some steamed green beans , grilled eggplant with mozzarella, and butternut squash soup (which was perfect as the sun went down today, and we all got a bit of a chill). And ended the day with smokes!

        1. Pork Chops with an apple/red onion sauce.