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Sep 20, 2013 02:02 PM

Oak Park lunch near FLW

Taking friends on a Frank Lloyd Wright house tour. Want a big main meal lunch afterwards. Thought of Marion Street Market but, on a Friday, it's just salads and sandwiches. Any other suggestions? I'm in Evanston and not too familiar with Oak Park

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  1. The problem is that there are not many restaurants in Oak Park open during the lunch hour on a Friday that serve "big main" meals. Most of the lunch offerings are sandwiches or salads. A few that do serve more substantial portions are:

    Il Vicolo,, for Italian food (I've not eaten there but friends who have recommend it


    Sushi House

    In Forest Park, Francesca's Fiore

    There is also a Bar Louie in OP, which includes "large plate" offerings,

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      Sorry about confusion. I didn't mean big portions by saying big main course meal, I meant more like a European lunch with mains rather than American sandwich/salad lunches.

    2. Il Vicolo has a nice (and good portion size) lunch menu and the food is delicious. I was there with a friend a few weeks ago as it's become one of her favorite places. Separately, my favorite fresh pasta place near us, Pasta Fresh, recommended it.

      1. If you need it to be walkable, I would choose Katy's Dumpling House, and by a wide,wide margin at that, but that's me. If you want a short drive, you need to figure out what type of food you'd like.

        There's also a few threads on what to eat around the Wright Tour.

        Really though, I'd be ALL ABOUT Katy's. Hand pulled noodles, real deal,Szechwan Peppercorn goodness, and a host of pan fried or boiled dumplings to pass around. The non - Szechwan Asian fare is competent as well, but if you go there and do not get noodles in soups or stir fries, you are missing out. If your group has any interest in spicy Asian foods, Katy's should be a real winner. It's not fancy, but it's not a hole in the wall, either.

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          Love Katy's. I just had the sense that the OP was looking for something a bit more "fancy."

        2. I vote for Marion Street Cheese Market. I assume that's the one you were referring to? The quality is very good, and if the weather continues to be this nice you can eat outside. And if you are walking from the Frank Lloyd Wright house tour, it is close by. It really is the best quality and nicest place in that area. It will be filling and tasty.

          I also agree that Il Vicolo is very good for Italian fare, and isn't too far of a walk.... just past the Frank Lloyd Wright Unitarian church on Lake Street, which might be nice to see after your tour. Il Vicolo is my favorite of the restaurants in that area of town (Oak Park Ave. and Lake street intersection).

          If you will have a car for a short drive a few blocks away, you could also try the tiny Japanese restaurant, Sen Sushi on Oak Park avenue (a few blocks south, close to the expressway). It received a nod recently from Michelin and is very good.

          Those are my favorite Oak Park places.