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Sep 20, 2013 01:45 PM

Sexist meat thermometer

This Taylor ad was among a collection of (some food-oriented) 1950's
magazine ads that appeared today on the AOL home page. I was in elementary school at the time but these help me appreciate that my own mother was independent before her time. If the yolk broke when she fried eggs, that was the one she served to my father. It was years before it occurred to him to ask what made the broken one his. The answer was a withering glare.

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  1. Bob usually fries the eggs and when he breaks a yolk that's the one HE takes. Thank gawd the times have least a little. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh. My god. I lost my mind a little looking at these ads. Thank goodness times have changed!

      1. Continue on to Mom's Recipes for Disaster for a taste thrill from the '50s.

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          I -have- to try the Jello pineapple slices.

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            My mother was definitely of the Jello generation but I'm grateful that none of those 'graced' our table. Shiver.

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              My mother had a friend whose idea of preparing a meal was ordering a deli tray. The one thing she "cooked" was pineapple rings encased in Jello for dessert. Mostly using red Jello. She was very proud of this dessert.

              Every single time she served it, she would ask my mother (who of course told her how creative and delicious this dessert was) if she would like the recipe. This is how I know my mother is a saint: She always, always said yes. And then she would listen politely while her friend recited every detail of creating this marvel.

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                Superb. Is this the one with "clown pickles"?


            2. The 50s must be been wonderful

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                There are those of us here who remember some pretty sick attitudes towards women. I've been chased around a desk more than once, with no thoughts of reporting it -

                Today's young men and women need to be very aware of how far we have come - they need to keep things moving in the right direction.