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Sep 20, 2013 01:40 PM

Best local coffee roaster? (Eastern Conn)

Hi all,

I'm brand new to CT (and NE in general) and I love my coffee. I'd like to find a good local roaster I can buy from instead of getting the pre-packaged stuff at the supermarket. I live in Norwich and work in Willimantic -- any suggestions for good coffee roasters nearby? Or others that deliver/mail? (I used to order from a place in Seattle, but I figure that's a bit extreme now that I don't live on the west coast.)

Thanks!! (And thanks also for posting your food finds here on this board. I'll be making use of them!)

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  1. I hear that Daybreak Coffee Roasters in Glastonbury is very good. Personally, I order our coffee from a roaster in Costa Rica. We were on vacation there several years ago and found this little place that was highly recommended by the locals. I have not bought coffee locally since 2007 now. They offer specials all throughout the year.

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      Thanks for the rec! Costa Rica is pretty far though :)

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        Daybreak is indeed fantastic. I love their French Roast.

      2. Welcome to the Land of Steady Habits! I highly recommend Bean & Leaf in New London. Good stuff.

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          Awesome, that's relatively close to me! Thanks!

        2. Can't help you on a local roaster you can visit. However, CT is one business day delivery (via UPS Ground) from both NYC and Boston. In the Boston area (where I live) my favorites are George Howell and Barismo.

          Who did you like in Seattle? When I visited there a few years ago, my favorites were Zoka and Victrola.

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            Thanks for those! I'll give them a try some time.

            I liked Stumptown and Fonté from Seattle.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I'm a great fan of Ashlawn Farm
              in Old Lyme. Their website tells you where it is sold locally.

              In New Haven and Branford we have Willoughby's which is very popular also.

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