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Sep 20, 2013 01:32 PM

best bergen county restaurant for a 65 b-day celebration

Any type of food and price, we would love it to be in Bergen county

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  1. Any other parameters? How large a group? Need a private room?

    1. party for 6! we do not need a private room. American or Italian would be the preference

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        Any section of Bergen that you prefer?

      2. Village Green, Ridgewood

          1. If you like Seafood, we just had an amazing dinner at Oceanos right off of route 4 (I think it is Fairlawn)

            We had a great meal at the Capital Grille last week. It is pretty new and attached to the Garden State Plaza.

            Mezzaluna in Allendale is very good Italian.

            Bottagra in Hawthorne is very good Italian and is a really nice place.