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Sep 20, 2013 01:27 PM

HUGE hamburger restaurant (feeds 4-6 people?)

A co-worker is looking for a hamburger she saw on some television show. It's "huge" and "feeds 4 to 6 people". Any idea what she might be talking about? I haven't been able to narrow it down.

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  1. My guess is Epic Mealtime if you can't suggest anything :)

    1. Copoli? Their's would feed 3 at most.

      There's the Monster sandwich at Zaz Bar and el Zaziummm? They give you a T-shirt if you finish it, but it's not enough to feed 6 people!

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      1. re: jptimbaud

        It's definitely not Copoli, that was my first suggestion :)

        I'm having trouble finding much about Zaz Bar. Their website doesn't work and a google search generates a lot of pictures of college girls making out with each other.

        Thanks though!

        1. re: afoodyear

          El Zaz definitely has a very large sandwich, though I definitely don't think of it as a burger... nor would it feed 5 people.

      2. The largest burger I can think of in Montreal would be the Bug Guy Burger at Deville Dinnerbar. 1 lb of beef (in four patties) along with two grilled cheeses as buns and bacon and other toppings.

        Cheeburger Cheeburger (recently reopened) also has a large burger that they say is 20 oz (1.25 lbs) before cooking.

        1 lb of beef can feed a responsible family of 8...

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        1. re: EaterBob

          2 oz of beef pp for 8 people is not very much protein for dinner; maybe enough for the kid's dinner but I don't know many adults who will be satisfied with 2 oz. Not sure what you mean by "a responsible family"?

          1. re: BigHabsFan

            Nope, 2 oz. isn't a lot. But if you are looking to avoid diabetes, obesity, heart disease, colon cancer and numerous other ailments caused by eating red meat. 2 oz. of beef is just about right. Especially if you are going to eat red meat multiple times in a week.

            If you're looking to be "satisfied" then eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and some grains.

            And by "responsible" I mean a family that is trying to stay healthy. If you want more information, try these:

              1. re: EaterBob

                these are not peer reviewed scholarly articles

          2. maybe the gargantua at auberge du dragon rouge? it's part of a challenge for 2 people. there's about 5 lbs of meat on top of the toppings and the miche bread

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            1. re: twinkie83

              The Gargantua isn't a hamburger, the Festin gargantuesque is a platter with "Cuisse de canard confite, cuisse de pintade confite, volaille glacée au miel, saucisse de sanglier confite, tourte de gibier, côtes levées de cochonnet et hérisson aux fruits secs. " And the festin gargantuesque de sanglier is "Tourte de gibier, civet de sanglier à la bière blanche, saucisse de sanglier confite, côtes levées de sanglier et jarret de sanglier."

              Yes it's an awful lot of meat and quite tasty as well. Made even more fun by the staff's costumes.


              1. re: EaterBob

                probably have the wrong name but they definitely have a gigantic burger with 5 lbs of meat. i've seen it. it's like $80

            2. These novelty burgers are big on TV. Shows like "You Gotta Eat Here" feature them all the time. To me they are gross and almost literally inedible because of the size.

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