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Sep 20, 2013 12:41 PM

Suggestions for a pre-show dinner on NYE? [San Francisco]

Hello Hounds, I just bought my husband and I great tix to Book of Mormon at the Orpheum theater for the 8pm showing on NYE. I'm looking for suggestions on where to do dinner before hand. It looks like Atelier Crenn has availability at 5:30 but I'm not sure that will be enough time. I'd also love to try Sons and Daughters but I'm sure that is going to be impossible to get into. Any other thoughts, I was thinking maybe Sons and Daughters or possibly Saison. What else would be an interesting option?

And I do realize the NYE part complicates things a bit, would it make more sense to wait to book?

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  1. I would guess that if you ate at Atelier Crenn at 5:30 sharp then they could have you out by 7:30, and then you could take a taxi to the theater and be there by 7:45. Probably would be best to call them and ask what they think if you want to try this.

    It seems like regardless of where you choose, you'd need a 5 or 5:30 reservation, which could be tough on NYE.

    1. personally, i would not want to rush through an Atelier Crenn dinner - i would save that for some time when you have nowhere else to be, and can linger for at least 3 hours. that's my personal opinion. you're paying a lot, you want to thoroughly enjoy the experience, and it's a really, really great experience.

      i don't think Sons & Daughters will be that hard to get into, if you call them and ask them when is the first time you can make that reservation, and then make sure and do it that day. right now it looks like you can only book through the 21st of November.

      I loved both. prefer AC, but i think you can get in and out of S&D much easier in 2 hours, and i think you're closer to the theater from S&D.

      1. I eat at Atelier Crenn once a year and have never gotten out in less than four hours. I think even asking them to rush, two hours would do a huge disservice to the meal....

        1. Okay I officially retract my statement about doing Atelier Crenn in 2 hours :) Seems like this would even be more challenging on NYE.

          1. whoops, I meant to say State Bird Provisions. But yeah, reservations there seem like a long shot. Still looking for other ideas.

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              Rich Table maybe? Quince has a shorter format tasting menu - so you may be able to get out in time - but again probably rushing it a bit too much.

              Gitane, Zuni, or Perbacco could all work.

              Whatever you do call when making the reservation, because on NYE even if they normally don't do a tasting menu, they may be requiring it that day - and tasting menu formats usually take 2.5 hrs at least - even in short form.