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Sep 20, 2013 12:26 PM


Keep forgetting to report on Willbyob -

Food: Very good. I loved my poularde entry, chicken four ways and each way delicious with lovely accompaniment.
My husband's pasta was delicious, one friend's fish was declared topnotch. The friend who ordered the steak found it a bit tough and left most of it.

Appetizers and desserts were all of a high standard.

Problem: noise level was horrendous. Wish we could go back,
but it was an assault to the eardrums and impossible to talk to our friends.

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  1. Wouldn't you think by now that when a restaurant goes deep six and tries to start up again with a new concept that they'd "get it" this time around and make sure the noise level wasn't like trying to talk through a rock concert?
    I'll bet that restaurant will never make it after the honeymoon start.

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    1. re: arepo

      I'm not sure what you're talking about, Will is a new restaurant in a new space, it's the chef's first restaurant. It didn't "go deep six and try to start up again".

      1. re: Buckethead

        They actually just celebrated their one year anniversary there.

        1. re: Buckethead

          I wasn't speaking of that restaurant. I was simply commenting on restaurants that don't make it and then try somewhere else but never seem to get the answer to their problem from the first try.

          However, I can see why you thought I was specifically referring to Will, (mea culpa), which has been around for a year. I'll wait for 2 more years to see if the deafening roar is still actually accepted by its patrons by then.

      2. Sylvia, I'm sorry the noise was too much. We really like Will. Chris Kearse is a terrific chef, and we always found the service to be top rate. We tend to eat around 6pm though. May I ask what time you were there? We sat near the front of the restaurant last time at a special dinner when the restaurant was full and found the noise level to be okay. Perhaps location of your seats makes a difference.

        1. Did they comp you on the steak or remove the charge?

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          1. re: Bacchus101

            My friend did not complain, did not want to make a fuss.
            And everything else was really very good.

            I think we went about 6:30, and for the first half hour, the noise level was okay. Perhaps we hit noisy people that night.
            We usually eat early - about 6 - and the problem started as it got later.
            I trust the judgment of Jan and others who like it so much, so we'll give it another try when we can go early.

          2. I love Will and, despite profound hearing loss requiring hearing aids, find it no louder than other small BYOB's such as Bibou. To me, that's the price of admission to that type of restaurant. All of them are LOUD!, but I guess I've developed the ability to zone in and intently listen to my dining companions, or zone out and just enjoy the food. Maybe both.

            Bacchus, does a steak that's "a bit tough" warrant a full comp?

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            1. re: george2

              From reading sylviag's posts here she is not prone to hyperbole, so my bet is that on that particular night the noise level was horrendous. Regarding the tough steak the operative phrase for me was "tough and left most of it". A not eaten $28-$32 steak should be noted by management and some compensation should be offered. This uneaten dinner costs time, lost opportunity and a less than enjoyable experience. Mistakes happen but they should not be at the customers expense.