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Sep 20, 2013 12:24 PM

Harr's Surf & Turf Palm Harbor

....has closed.
Now there is no place left to buy "prime" grade beef
at retail in Pinellas.

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  1. It's too bad. They use to be good. Once they got involved with groupon it went down the craper.

    My wife bought me 2 groupons and when I went in I found the shelfs nearly bare. Fresh tuna that use to go for $14.99/lb was now $28/lb.

    All the fish looked old since who wants to spend twice as much as it should be. It smelled nasty in the store.

    I used one groupon for short ribs that after cooking was little meat and all fat. I got a refund on the other groupon and decided not to go back so it doesn't surprise me

    The Surf and Turf in Belleair changed their name. I assume to avoid association

    1. I have seen signs for a new butcher near 19/Curlew. Perhaps they will have "prime"?

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      1. re: meatn3

        They basically carry the same meat as Publix....

        1. re: byrd

          Ah, good to know. You saved me a trip!

        2. from their website:
          To all of our loyal customers:
          Our next adventure starts in the Trinity area . We should be open mid-November, our phone numbers, website and Facebook will all remain the same. The new address will be 1326 Epiphany Way, Trinity FL 34655 unit M-101 (corner of Trinity Blvd and Little Rd.). We look forward to seeing everyone there. Feel free to call for updates or any questions or concerns for us.

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            I guess that's far enough away for a bad reputation not to follow. They were good for years and had a good reputation. I guess just a few bad business decisions were enough to do them in.

            I hope they get back to what they were in the old days. We are still lacking in the N. PInellas area for a good place to buy specialty meats. Yeah I know Whole Foods is moving in but I'll have to read the survival guide again before venturing in. WF's gives me bad pretentious vibes.