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Sep 20, 2013 12:01 PM


Where is a good place to purchase pine nuts in and around Chapel Hill or Durham? Eight ounces is $8 dollars (seven dollars and change) at Trader Joes. It is a good size bag, but I wonder if I could do better at one of the ethnic markets. I have "Jerusalem, A Cookbook" and it looks like I will be needing a lot of pine nuts.

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  1. I'd try Mariakakis on Fordham (15/501). I found a great deal on harissa there, and have seen other things that would cost 3x as much if bought at Southern Season.

    Love that cookbook.

    1. If you need a large amount then Costco is your best value bet. I know Costco has them but don't ask me about price. I just walk right past the nut aisle. What's up with the ridiculous prices for nuts these days?!

      1. Thanks. I was going to head to Mariakakis for a couple of the other ingredients call for in the cookbook. Wish I had a Costco membership. I've been to parties where guest have brought some great snacks and salads from their.

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        1. re: Panski

          Everything I hear and read about Costco makes me wish there was one closer to me. I just do not want to deal with the drive to north Durham just for that.

          Let us know how it works out at mariakakis with the pine nuts.

          1. re: LulusMom

            The pine nuts were a bit more expensive at Mariakakis. I did purchase zatarr and cardamon pods which I will be needing. I agree about Costco. It is just too far for us.

            Anyhow, the pine nut search will continue (though I will be buying them at Trader Joes for now.

            BTW, the first recipe I tried from Jerusalem turned out very well.

            1. re: Panski

              Which recipe was it?

              Sorry the mariakakis tip wasn't a good one. But glaad at least you got the zaatar and cardamon. The zaatar is *so* much cheaper there than at SS.

        2. I have it on good authority the $8/8 ounce are Chinese pine nuts; European pine nuts are at least double that price. Apparently the $8 price point is a fair price right now.

          My friend says that hazelnut and pistachios can be good substitutes depending on what you're cooking -- and apparently the price of those are getting ready to skyrocket, too. :-(

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          1. re: Tehama

            Good point. I often sub slivered (not sliced, iykwim) almonds for pine nuts.

          2. I bought some good looking pine nuts at Fresh Market on Friday but when I got them home I noticed they say China on the little package. We try not to eat foods imported from China if we can help it so I am going to return them.

            I am very surprised Fresh Market sources their pine nuts from China.