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Where is a good place to purchase pine nuts in and around Chapel Hill or Durham? Eight ounces is $8 dollars (seven dollars and change) at Trader Joes. It is a good size bag, but I wonder if I could do better at one of the ethnic markets. I have "Jerusalem, A Cookbook" and it looks like I will be needing a lot of pine nuts.

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  1. I'd try Mariakakis on Fordham (15/501). I found a great deal on harissa there, and have seen other things that would cost 3x as much if bought at Southern Season.

    Love that cookbook.

    1. If you need a large amount then Costco is your best value bet. I know Costco has them but don't ask me about price. I just walk right past the nut aisle. What's up with the ridiculous prices for nuts these days?!

      1. Thanks. I was going to head to Mariakakis for a couple of the other ingredients call for in the cookbook. Wish I had a Costco membership. I've been to parties where guest have brought some great snacks and salads from their.

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          Everything I hear and read about Costco makes me wish there was one closer to me. I just do not want to deal with the drive to north Durham just for that.

          Let us know how it works out at mariakakis with the pine nuts.

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            The pine nuts were a bit more expensive at Mariakakis. I did purchase zatarr and cardamon pods which I will be needing. I agree about Costco. It is just too far for us.

            Anyhow, the pine nut search will continue (though I will be buying them at Trader Joes for now.

            BTW, the first recipe I tried from Jerusalem turned out very well.

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              Which recipe was it?

              Sorry the mariakakis tip wasn't a good one. But glaad at least you got the zaatar and cardamon. The zaatar is *so* much cheaper there than at SS.

        2. I have it on good authority the $8/8 ounce are Chinese pine nuts; European pine nuts are at least double that price. Apparently the $8 price point is a fair price right now.

          My friend says that hazelnut and pistachios can be good substitutes depending on what you're cooking -- and apparently the price of those are getting ready to skyrocket, too. :-(

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            Good point. I often sub slivered (not sliced, iykwim) almonds for pine nuts.

          2. I bought some good looking pine nuts at Fresh Market on Friday but when I got them home I noticed they say China on the little package. We try not to eat foods imported from China if we can help it so I am going to return them.

            I am very surprised Fresh Market sources their pine nuts from China.

            1. Weaver Street Market has them in their bulk bins. You can get as large or small an amount as needed, which I am glad of as yes, they're not cheap!

              1. When Jerusalem was COTM I had a tough time finding barberries. In case you choose a recipe which uses them I eventually found them at Caspian International Market on Brentwood in Raleigh.

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                  Thanks for the information. I used currents this time, but will try to make a stop at Caspian the next time we are in Raleigh.

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                    I think dried cranberries were also suggested as a fairly good substitute.

                2. I thought Capri Flavors might have them but wouldn't know the relative cost.