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Sep 20, 2013 11:49 AM

Moving to Atwater Village

I'm moving to Atwater Village after almost 15 years in New York and I'd love some recommendations in the neighborhood, as well as surrounding hoods. We're going to be on a pretty tight budget for a little while, so any great inexpensive ethnic places are especially appreciated.

Here are some specifics to get the ball rolling.

Mexican: Having grown up in the Bay Area, I'm so excited to come back to California for Mexican food. We were staying in Los Feliz while looking for apartments and had good meals at Mexico City and Yuca's. Checking Yelp, there seems to be quite a few taquerias further out in Glendale. Any I should specifically seek out?

Chinese: I'm assuming I'll have to go out to SGV for great regional Chinese food, but are there any decent Americanized places in Atwater/Los Feliz/Silver Lake for take out or dine in? While visiting a few months ago we tried Chi Dynasty and weren't too impressed.

Japanese/Sushi: Probably not going to any high end places for a while, but a neighborhood spot with good sushi/katsu/ramen etc would be great.

Thai: Thai Town is pretty near. Can't wait to explore it. Any ok places closer?

Vietnamese: New York has pretty mediocre Vietnamese food so I might have been overrating Indochine Vien, but I thought it was pretty tasty.

Indian: Drove past India Sweets & Spices and it looks promising. It seems like most of the great Indian restaurants are in Artesia. Is there any good Indian/Bengali/Pakistani food in the greater Hollywood area?

Bakeries/Coffee: It seems like Atwater has a lot of great bakeries. Which are your favorites for bread, pastries, coffee, etc.?

Sandwiches/Salads: Another reason I'm excited about coming back to California is the quality of the produce. Any great sandwich/salad places I should know about?

Pizza: Anything decent would be great. I'm totally not a NY purist, I love good pizza no matter what the style. Friends of ours ordered from Cheech's and it wasn't too good.

Bagels: A lost cause?

Middle Eastern: Excited to try Armenian, Persian, etc. Which are the best spots in Glendale?

Bars: I love good beer, wine, and cocktails. Probably going to save money and drink at home most of the time, but a great neighborhood bar would be awesome.

Burgers: What are the best holes in the wall around here? Any great upscale burgers?

Groceries: Visited the Trader Joe's and Gelson's on Hyperion and those seem pretty good. I see that there's a Vons in Atwater Village and I can't wait to go to the Sunday farmers market. Any great ethnic supermarkets?

Anything else I should not miss?

I haven't come across a recent post about the area, so I apologize if all this has been covered. Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. Well, since you are staying in Los Feliz, try Sidewalk Grill on Vermont, just north of the Bank of America. Persian flavors served in a fast casual format. Quite good.
    Canele on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater is the local quality dining option, by and large. The Village is a new bar located almost next door to Coral Reef - the former being a good place to drink, while the latter is an awful place to eat.
    Chinese food in general is relegated to the SG Valley, from Monterey Park to Diamond Bar. None worthy of trying in Feliz either.

    1. Mexican: Mexico City and Malos aren't bad but not very exciting either. Yuca's is very popular but I don't personally understand why. I prefer Tacos Villa Corona for a neighborhood taco/burrito spot. I usually drive for my Mexican. Guisado's which is pretty close by in Echo Park makes some of the best tacos in the city and really East LA isn't that far away either.

      Chinese: You do have to go to SGV for great regional Chinese but The Palace in Los Feliz is a pretty good neighborhood chinese option (much, much better than Chi Dynasty in any case)

      Thai: Thai Town is so close that I never look for anything closer.

      Indian: Agra Cafe, in a small strip mall on sunset, is decent but you probably do need to drive a bit to get to great Indian.

      Bakeries: People rave about Proof Bakery. Portos is a good Cuban bakery in Glendale. Guatemalteca is a good Guatemalan Bakery on Santa Monica Blvd.

      Groceries: Trader Joe's and Gelson's are decent. There's a Whole Foods in Glendale and one in the planning stages for Silverlake. Atwater Village Farmer's Market is a good one but the Hollywood one is much bigger and I usually consider it worth it to drive to that one unless I don't plan to buy much.

      Pizza: Garage is the best neighborhood option for NY style. Mother Dough has really good neapolitan.

      Bagels: are going to be a lost cause for anyone from NY.

      1. India Sweets is inexpensive but the food is not great

        Proof bakery is excellent for baked goods and coffee

        Raffis down the road in Glendale has good Persian(best koobideh around IMO)

        I like little Doms in Los Feliz for brunch

        You're not far from Lamill in silverlake for coffee(I'm digging the steampunk)

        Pho Cafe in silverlake was excellent but its been over a year since I've been there

        1. It looks like you've done some homework.

          Atwater Crossing does a nice brunch, and there are various events there.

          Baracoa is a Cuban restaurant, and has a nice chicken and rice lunch special, along with decent fish specials and a pretty good ropa vieja.

          Tacos Villa Corona for street-sized tacos.

          Tam O'Shanter for prime rib. It's connected to the venerable Lawry's of Beverly Hills.

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            if you want cuban nearby, la cochinita on sunset was the place to go although they went upscale (for them) and raised their prices a while back.

          2. Thanks for all your suggestions. Can't wait to try these places out!