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Baked French Toast

I'm having a Breakfast for Dinner party next weekend and would like to make a baked french toast for this. I've never made one so dont' have a trusty recipe. I'm looking for something mapley or cinnamony, maybe with some apples. Not overly fruity. I've found some recipes on line but if anyone has a tried and true they swear by and wouldn't mind sharing I'd love to have some other ideas! Thanks

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  1. I like this Creme Brulee French Toast: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

    I sometimes cut the brown sugar, and always use maple syrup in place of the corn syrup. IMO, either increase the Grand Marnier (can sub another orange liqueur), or leave it out.

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      Sounds good!
      Did you ever try to make it with Challah bread?

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        Love that recipe. Love especially that I can make it the night before and pop it in the oven in the morning. My grandsons always request it when they come to visit. And I always make it with challah.

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          That is our traditional Christmas morning meal. We also use challah. Love it.

        2. I long ago found a recipe for overnight French toast in Sunset magazine (I think) that poured a mix of cream, some peach jam, and eggs over bread and let it sit overnight. You then took out the bread and fried it like regular French toast, and topped it with fresh sliced peaches, sliced almonds, and powdered sugar. I can't find the recipe, and it's not a baked French toast per se, but the flavors were great together and could probably be modified for a baked version (or using apples and perhaps apple butter instead of peaches and peach jam).

          1. I've made this before and it is delicious (and most definitely not WW friendly!). You can definitely cut back on the butter.


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              my wife does a similar version but with cream cheese, i think, and blueberries or pumpkin butter added. it takes longer to bake but it's always a huge hit.

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                I've made that Paula Deen recipe and it is indeed delicious. The praline topping is wonderful on the creamy french toast and the pecans are a natural complement to the maple syrup.

                I've also had good luck with this recipe from Tyler Florence. I've made it both with and without the dried cranberries and enjoyed it either way.


                I do agree with posters who say that baked French toast is similar to bread pudding, though. Delicious, but different than the fried individual dish.

              2. This is the one that I use...LOVE it! Sometimes I sprinkle powdered sugar on top instead of the maple syrup. I like it because the pieces of bread are cubed instead of big slices. Makes serving a whole lot easier - just cut into squares.


                1. I once stayed at a inn where they stuff cream cheese mixture into 2 slices of country bread. It was amazing!

                  1. My two cents-- I've made the Smitten Kitchen recipe, and while it was pretty tasty, it really wasn't French toast; more like bread pudding. Just didn't scratch my particular itch.

                    The Creme Brulee version mentioned above gets raves from a friend of mine who's a superb cook.

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                      Good point. While I love bread pudding, I want french toast and not bread pudding for breakfast.

                    2. Basically, you will end up with a shallow bread pudding, which is more soaked in texture. They are related but distinct.

                      The classic American variant for breakfast bread pudding is the strata.

                      1. Epicurious has a good recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                        For two persons, I typically cut it into from-halves-to-thirds to accommodate about 10-12" of leftover baguette.

                        Disregard the epi picture ... it's much more appealing to the eye in real life.

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                          I've made this several times - after the first batch made my teeth ache, I cut the brown sugar in half. (I also use evaporated fat-free milk instead of whole milk.) We just use regular maple syrup instead of the blueberry syrup. The recipe also works well with other sturdy breads, like multi-grain.

                        2. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! There's some really delicious looking options here! Trying ot pick one is going to be difficult!

                          1. Thanks again everyone. I ended up using this recipe http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... as I wanted something fairly simple to balance all the other flavors going on in the menu. I used a raisin challah bread, subbed brown sugar for white and left the syrup out of the soaking liquid, and added a touch of cinnamon and grand marnier. Along with warm maple syrup it was served with some sauteed cardamom apples and whipped cream. It baked up beautifully and was devoured.