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Oct 13, 2004 05:54 PM

[DFW] Southern and Soul Food Recommendations?

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Since Rooster and DC's closed in the past year, I've been on the lookout for great Southern and soul food spots in Dallas. I'd appreciate any tips.



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    A friend of mine likes Tiki's on Harwood. He got excited when he saw Kent Rathburn in there one time or something.

    I'm not a soul food fan myself, but for friend chicken you can't beat Brothers on Gaston.

    1. It's hard to beat Vern's at Main & Exposition for soul food. Try the beef short ribs or smothered pork chops. They've been around awhile...

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          Unfortunately, Vern's recently closed:

          I really liked Odom's, though I haven't eaten there in several years. I recently moved back to the Dallas area, I will check them out. They used to have BBQ on the right side of the building and a soul food cafeteria on the left side. They are located at 1971 Singleton Blvd, just east of N Hampton Rd.

      1. I would second Tiki's. . .some of the best fried chicken I have ever had. And, they have great hot-water cornbread.

        A friend who I believe to be a reliable source says that South Dallas Cafe near Fair Park is "the" place for soul food. Here is a link to an article that was in Guidelive:

        I have not been there. If you go, please post a review.

        1. Soul food: Sweet Georgia Brown and South Dallas Cafe. Southern: Hattie's.

          1. Since Brother's is now defunct, I am sad lol. They did have the best fried chicken around. If fried chicken is what you are after, try Babe's (multiple locations).
            Since you specifically asked about Soul Food, Michelle's off 635 and Skillman is awesome and the one I usually rec out. Really great ox tail, smothered pork chops and hot water cornbread. I'm from East Tx, and this stuff tastes like grandma's house:) I've heard really good things about Sweet Georgia Browns, although I am also usually warned about the area it's in.