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Sep 20, 2013 10:19 AM

London - Fakruddin in Stratford. Anyone been?

Just curious if anyone's been to the London branch of Bangladesh's famous Fakruddin for their kachchi biryani:

I was at their Singapore branch recently ( and was wondering what UK Hounds think of its London counterpart.

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  1. Went looking for it today and couldn't find it! The website says it's at 113, Queensway House, 275-285 Stratford High Street. I found Queensway House, but it seemed to just be an office block with no obvious restaurant presence.

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      Hmm, I wondered whether it had ever been there in the first place! The same thing for their Kuala Lumpur branch - I picked the address off their website, went there, and it doesn't seem to exist.

      Thanks for reporting back.