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Sep 20, 2013 10:16 AM

Sticky Rice?

Does anybody know where I can buy sticky rice? (It is a type of rice itself, not a method of cooking.) I'm looking to cook a northern thai/lao feast and, somewhat surprisingly, I'm having trouble locating it.


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  1. I buy what is called short grain sweet rice and available just about anywhere that sells asian goods. Most labeled as "sushi rice" would work too

    1. Also, I used to sell to restaurants for Sysco. The cheapest and very popular rice contained a percentage of broken grains. I think it might have been called either 103 or 107 generically, which probably had something to do with the percentage of broken. Broken grains releases starch which makes the finished product sticky. Mexican places loved this rice. I use Goya medium grain white rice or Nishiki brand (Sushi) rice. If you can't find them locally I'm sure Amazon has them online.

      1. H-mart. C-mart.

        That I know of. There are also a lot of smaller asian stores that will stock it.

        Where are you?

        1. hargau is correct. it's often in a 5lb bag that says Sweet Rice. Reliable Market, Super 88, HMart, Whole Foods bulk probably. Every Asian store in the book.

          suggestion when looking for a specific ingred: google it, so alot of images come up, and you realize, "Oh, THAT'S it?!! I've seen THAT before!..."

          1. If you local grocery store sells Bob's Red Mill products, look for their Sweet White Rice