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Sep 20, 2013 06:02 AM

Quick Review: Athens

This is not a place you go to primarily for the food.

There is no doubt that dinner at Athens is a nice experience. The place is beautifully designed and sitting outside near the beach on a mild evening makes you feel like you are on vacation in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, the food is not quite up to the "experience". We had squid, calamari and lamb chops as well as several appetizers. All were ok, but no better than average or slightly above. Foodwise, you can do better on Danforth for far less money.

Perhaps it is just the limitations of Greek food, which is simple fare and not a great cuisine. Upscale Greek food is an oxymoron. But apparently you can't open a restaurant in Toronto any more unless it is upscale, trendoid, and expensive and is about the experience rather than the food.

Still, if you are willing to pay big for passable Greek food, then it is good for a nice night out.

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  1. Gotta tell you (and I'm not Greek) that I disagree with your assessment of Greek cuisine as simple fare and not a great cuisine. There are simple dishes (as there are in every cuisine), but I find Greek food to be nuanced, bright and delish.

    Where did you eat?

    1. You can't open a restaurant in Toronto unless it's upscale and expensive? Did you post this review from a time machine in which it is 1997?

      1. Athens?? I think you're talking about Trinity Greek Taverna. Athens is the bakery. I do agree though that it's stupid expensive and very poor value. They charge market prices for the proteins and by the pound. You could spend $80 for a grilled fish with olive oil and lemon juice squirted on it. There's much better options for dishes at $80 that involve more skill and technique.