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Sep 19, 2013 11:29 PM

Tea Papa - Chinese cafe - South Fremont w/ PICS

Tried out Tea Papa for dinner Th 9/19/13 after work. It's in the strip mall where Ross is, across from Kari Kari.

Lady said Taro Milk Tea was very popular so I got a small. It was in a nice glass mug with a straw, it was tasty! Probably from a powder, it was a light purple color, frosty looking, creamy, sweet. I liked it.

B. got a mango green tea small which came in a huge glass cup. It was sweet & bitter at the same time. Not that good.

Potstickers - small, only 7 pieces. probably the frozen kind that was heated up. Nothing special, skip it.

Cold chicken sesame noodles - Huge bowl of it. Some sauce, lots of cold chicken strips, cucumbers, lots of noodles. Mix it all up. Tasted ok, sauce was good, everything else average.

Dried fried string beans - good amount for 2, we liked them.

Beef noodle soup - some beef stew pieces were tender, not all, some greens, lots of soup & noodles. Average. B. liked the soup.

Popcorn chicken - B. picked it & ate them. Fried chicken pieces he liked.

Kids bear - $3.95 for a small bear. It's cute, but it's really just a scoop of chocolate ice cream with 2 chocolate pieces for the ears & a cute face make out of white chocolate. Only worth for a photo op, nothing special to eat.

Bill before tip was $41. Charge it if it's over $5! Frequent Buyer Card on Drinks- since we bought 2 got 2 stamps, only 8 more to go!

separate bathrooms available.

M-Th, Sun 11a-11p
Fri-Sat 11a-1AM

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  1. Gotta love the Kid's Bear, even though it's not really worth eating. Think of all the happy kids who really get a kick out of it.