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Sep 19, 2013 08:15 PM

Kim Moon Bakery new management?

Over the years I know management has changed about maybe a few years ago. A vietnamese lady bought the place (or ran it). However, my mom went in there today and she noticed that

1) all the staff have changed

2) even though it was the mid autumn festival they didn't seem to have much stock (compared to other years).

3) had the mini moon cakes and it was really dry.

This place used to be a chinatown staple but now it seems it's fading away

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  1. I've noticed it as well. My moon cakes were dry also (and they were the full size ones). Will need to find a new source next year :( Haven't tried their buns in a while so don't know if the quality has dropped there also (been getting mine from Lucullus instead which are wonderful ).

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    1. re: fickle

      Wow I'm glad someone else noticed it, I thought it was just me.

      The mini mooncakes with lotus seed are usually packaged into a plastic bag, this time around they were sold loose and in a paper bag. my mom noticed the cakes didn't seem to "glisten" like they usually do.

    2. The quality and selection of the buns have dropped too.

      Sad, I remember going to Kim Moon regularly as a kid. It was usually very busy.

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      1. re: cookiebaker

        When were you there last? I wonder if the change has been a while.

        A few weeks ago people on here talking about moon cakes were saying that Kim Moon was the place to go. I wonder if these people bought mooncakes this year?

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          Looks like the multi-month grand opening special deals of nearby bakeries didn't hurt Kim Moon much, but this change in operations certainly has.

          The coconut buns look different - before they were longer than my hand and about the width of three fingers, now they are shorter than my palm and wider than my four fingers together. Coconut filling also doesn't taste as sweet as before.

          Also they now sell oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies and, horror of horrors, two-bite brownies.

          The servers have changed.

          I won't be going back - searching for a new go-to bakery for coconut buns.

          Did they move their baking facilities?

        2. I went last week as well and noticed the usual lady at the front wasn't there anymore and the buns looked abit unappealing. so I left wondering whether mgmt/ownership changed.

          1. I just went by today. I thought it felt different.

            I bought a coconut bun and a bbq pork bun. It was no good. It tasted like they were from yesterday; and not at all soft. Wait I have to retract; I can't even say its from yesterday; I've tasted day old ones...and this is even worse. And they were $1 each... I went in August to buy buns they were 60 cents each and was nice soft and fresh.

            Yes, the women behind the counter were not the same. And the offerings were odd.... who wants to buy chocolate chip cookies from a chinese bakery!!!

            I won't be going back!

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            1. re: Chocaholic

              It's not so much of buying chocolate chips from a chinese bakery, but these items are from costco. How do I know? Because I go to costco and the packaging is the same.

              I actually went out of my way to see today what it was, when I was a little girl (i'm a big girl now) the place was always busy on the weekend, the displays were full of buns and cakes. Ever since the vietnamese lady took over years ago it wasn't the same. The displays were empty but compared to now, it's just ....

              They have coconut squares (I think that's what they are) from costco, they are sold in a big tray and here they are sold individually but still in the tray. They have the apple danishes for $2.50, two bite brownies (I know that's definiately not made in house) some cinnamon swirl two bite desserts.

              They actually had a one yolk mooncake for $8, that's not on sale. What I found was odd was that there was no one in the dining room (it did look nice). They serve prime rib for $23.99 on the weekend...I wonder what it's like.

            2. Walked by this afternoon (a Saturday) and it was closed, lights off, and gated up. Seems like it is gone for good? That's too bad. In addition to the baked goods, I'll miss the super cheap dim sum.

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              1. re: num nums

                Kim Moon may be the longest running bakery in Spadina Chinatown.....since 1977.

                1. re: T Long

                  Up until the recent change it was my family's favourite. Fast, friendly, hot and cheap.

                2. re: num nums

                  Walked by around Sunday lunchtime and the place was still closed. I guess we can add Kim Moon to the deadpool. I'll miss the egg tarts and coconut buns. RIP.

                  1. re: mstestzzz002

                    I'm sad it went downhill and is now dead. I have really good memories of the Kim Moon over the past 36 years
                    -the giant fake wedding cake with the bridges that was in front window, for about 20-25 years
                    - the bak tong gau and put chai go my grandmother really liked, and dirt cheap
                    - the basic, no filling, baked buns that I don't see much in Cantonese bakeries anymore i.e. gu gai boa (piggy buns) and salty buns
                    -and the cheap, tasty dim sum in later years.