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Sep 19, 2013 06:10 PM

Willi's Wine Bar, Santa Rosa

Had a very nice dinner on their patio Tuesday evening. Sampled several items and shared all of it.

*Warm Skillet Bread with Green Garlic,
Cherry Tomatoes & “Holy Oil”
*Sweet Pea Mac-n-Cheese with Spring Onions &
Smoked Ham Hock “debris”
*Liberty Farms Pulled Duck BBQ, White Cheddar Polenta
*Moroccan Style Lamb Chops, Preserved Lemon Couscous,
Spiced Almonds & Arugula

Not a weak link in any of the four above, all were excellent the standouts for me were the mac-n-cheese and the lamb chops.

Finished up sharing,
*Warm Scharffen Berger Flourless Chocolate Cake
Peanut Butter Caramel, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Sea Salt Peanuts.
This was very good, maybe a notch below everything else but really picking nits :)
Washed it all down with a couple glasses of red and white wine.

Food was spaced out nicely to be able to relax and enjoy the flavors.
Been to Willi's (here) and Bravas (sister restaurant, similar concept, different cuisine) a few times and while both have excellent food we give the edge (slightly) to Willi's.

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  1. I wrote my impression of willi's last week under an older thread, but oddly we had the exact same menu you did --- except we exchanged the deserts for a cheese plate, which featured several raw milk cheeses and was exceptional. Willi's is a place I expected to be ho-hum and was a real, authentic find.

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      I guess great minds think alike :). I think that it is much more difficult for a place like Willi's to pull off such a varied menu of flavors and tastes but they do it well.

      My only quibble would be that they do push the limits of salt in some dishes.
      If you are in the area, give Bravas a try in Healdsburg, about 10-15 minutes north in Healdsburg.