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Sep 19, 2013 06:02 PM

What's the most useful wedding gift that you have received?

I have alot of weddings coming up and want to get a good gift that they will actually use.... Any suggestions? I was thinking about an assortment of spices from penzeys or something, but need something else to go with it.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    1. This may not be universal, but there are 2 that I still use 10+ years later:

      1) I got a margarita set- pitcher and glasses- from Williams Sonoma. I don't know where the glasses are, but I use that pitcher all the time. It looks like this:

      2) An Emile Henry Mixing Bowl set- beautiful bowls for mixing and serving.

      1. It's been 8 years, but there are definitely some from your price range we still use.

        1. Set of pilsner glasses and beer mugs, with a 6 pack of a local beer (MIL's invite choice and we didn't really know them, redeemed themselves with the gift) I use the beer mugs daily for my morning smoothie.

        2. Second the nice glass pitcher idea.

        3. I gave this once and the bride went crazy. A whole bunch of rubbermaid storage containers in varied sizes. They had a small town home with not much useful storage space for seasonal use stuff.

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          ooh- forgot about the storage things, that's a great idea. I also got a set of Frigoverre glass storage containers with rubber lids that nest when empty. Great for people that don't want to use plastic stuff.

          1. re: cheesemonger

            I'll second this. A co-worker got me a set of glass storage containers in various sizes for a wedding gift and I love them. He knew I brought my lunch in the same glass container every day so he added to the collection!

        2. I always give a gift certificate to a restaurant.

          1. My first marriage was in 1987. We received a couple of pitchers (one Emile Henry, and another piece of glassware) that have stayed with me through all and a subsequent marriage. I use them all the time. From the other responses, I think a nice pitcher is the way to go. Pitchers seem to work as gifts.