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Sep 19, 2013 03:57 PM

Great food, not fancy, For Informal 50th Birthday Dinner

My beloved and I will be in New York at the end of October just a bit before his 50th birthday. We have friends and family (probably around 8 to 10 of us altogehter) we'd like to invite to join us for a celebratory dinner on a Saturday night.

Any recommendations for a place with great food, low key environment, full bar and that takes reservations? We can go just about any place but might have a slight preference for Chelsea, the Village, lower East or West Side, Little Italy for convenience of family and friends. We will do fancier food earlier in the week at Annisa, Jungsik and Le Bernardin.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. The Bo ssam at Momofuku Ssam bar (if you can get a reservation) is fun if you all love pork.

    1. Louro
      Mas La Grillade
      Blue RIbbon Bakery
      The Dutch

      1. +1 for L'Artusi - their wine cellar room upstairs would be perfect for your party of 8-10. They offer some affordable options for the prix-fixe menu for the private parties as well, to make ordering and expediting easier.

        Pearl & Ash
        Empellon Taqueria

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          Thank you! Wonderful recommendations from everyone. Much appreciated. I will see where we can get in!