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Sep 19, 2013 03:26 PM

New to SE Portland

Just moved, what are some of your favorite restaurants, bars, grocery stores, meat butchers, bakeries? I like it all. Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Mexican, anything you can think of that's in the SE. Or if it's not too far away in Portland. Just moved from Eugene. Also, know of any places that you can fill a corny keg? We really liked Lochmead farms milk, what are some local milk that's good in Portland?!

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  1. SE PDX is a vast area. Can you be a little more specific?

    New article about milk.
    Odd they didn't try Jacobs Creamery from Salem, available at farmers markets.

    1. Division street exploration from 50th to 10th has bakeries, bars, resturants, botequets and more.
      Indian - Bollywood is opening in a one. Wait for it.
      Mexican - Xico and Mero Mole
      Grocery - Green coming, New Seasons
      Seafood - Block and Tackle
      Pie & Biscuits - Lauretta Jeans
      Coffee - Stumptown 1st store
      Lady lacey things - Foundation
      Gourmet Italian sauces, pasta and the only good Pizza Bianca in Portland - Taste Unique
      NW food and great wine - Bar Avignon
      Gourmet Bahn Mi and more - Double Dragon
      ....and more.
      Then explore Clinton street.
      Then Hawthorne.
      Good hunting!

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        Awesome! I live on 31st. Should be easy to tick those off my list!

        1. re: DanielLP

          True. I live on 31st. Thank you for the suggestions. Xico sounds tasty!

        2. Yeah, Like Leonardo said, SE is pretty big...are you looking for stuff east or west of 39th? How far north or south? "Or if it's not too far away..." - huh? really?

          You'll get better responses if you are more specific. My holding pattern at work, is your luck today. ;o)

          My GF has a milk subscription for unpasteurized milk from Deck Family Farm (you have to call them directly - technically, you rent a share of the cow). We pick up a half gallon (the minimum) in a canning jar every Sat. from a cooler in a neighbor's driveway on SE 72nd just north of Division. I believe that they have other pick-up sites, but that is the one near us in SE. I'm not a huge milk drinker, but she is and she LOVES it.

          Here are some good spots to start you off:

          On SE Division: Lauretta Jean's, Ava Gene's, Mi Mero Mole, Spielman's, Sunshine Tavern, Little Big Burger, Little T, Taste Unique

          On SE Stark: Oblique Coffee, Meat Cheese Bread, Tanuki, Country Cat, Vintage Cocktail Lounge

          On SE Belmont and SE Morrison: Roost, Nostrana, Genoa/Accanto, Hokusei

          On SE Hawthorne or just off of it: Apizza Scholls, Castagna/Cafe Castagna, Three Doors Down, Boxer Sushi, Lardo, Evoe (in Pasta works), Waffle Window (on the side of Bread & Ink Cafe)

          On SE Clinton: St. Jack, Sok Sab Bai (ok it's really on SE21st, but it is next to St. Jack)

          SE 9th (in same building): Biwa, Simpatica

          On SE Powell: Binh Minh, Best Baguette

          On SE 82nd: Chinese Delicacy, EC Kitchen, Ha & VL, Showcase Foods

          On SE Foster: NWIPA (mostly beer, but their tiny menu is good), Foster Burger, Slingshot Lounge, An Xuyen

          Grocery stores: New Seasons Market (one on SE Division and one on SE Hawthorne), FuBonn, Pastaworks

          Butchers: Laurelhurst Market (on Burnside, close enough ;o)

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          1. re: JillO

            True! I live on 31st. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll definitely give those a try!

          2. True, True! I live on 31st. So, Division is pretty close. Maybe a ten minute walk or so. I am in search of a meat market that is close by and isn't super expensive like the woodsmen. Thank you all for your suggestions! I am looking for a meat market to buy prime rib for Christmas, or pork belly.

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