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Sep 19, 2013 02:58 PM

Arlington Whole Foods

Stopped in at the Arlington Whole Foods, which opened yesterday. Nice store - small, of course. I was surprised at how small the produce area was - I think its even smaller than the Medford site. The fish counter was small, and the butcher area seemed to focus more on packaged portions, though the had butchering equipment visible. Large area of the store was prepared foods - which isn't a surprise. I'd still hit Woburn or Fresh Pond if I had an elaborate list, but a nice add to the town..

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  1. Is this the old Johnny's Foodmaster at Bartlett and Mass. Ave?

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    1. I checked out the new WF in Lynnfield at the Marketplace Mall. Large store with all the usual things but I was surprised to see that they also have a large wine and beer area. I took a look at the wine selections and was impressed with large variety. Prices seemed reasonable too.

      1. I just hope they have more seafood turnover than Medford or Woburn so that you can count on it being fresh every time you buy - kind of like I find it to be a couple of blocks away at Fresh Pond Seafood, or at Whole Foods Fresh Pond a few miles away.

        We did enjoy our initial batch of lobster tails and salmon steaks from opening day, and I am really glad to have this alternative to Stop & Shop nearby.

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          Just stopped in to buy more of the 2/$10 frozen Maine lobster tails (about 400 left currently) - the seafood counter is compact but pristine and immaculately merchandised today - very impressed.

          Also asked fora smaller package of sirloin tips ($5.99 per lb) and very friendly butcher guy hand picked 4 perfectly marbled specimens and then wrapped them up. Can't wait for dinner.

          Finally, happy to pick up 32 oz jars of Raos Marinara Sauce at $5.99 each. A very welcome addition to this 'hood! We like the small, accessible scale of it a lot.

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            We popped in today, more for gawking than shopping. We are both psyched to have a WF off the bike path and we also liked the smaller scale relative to other WFs. I saw pretty much everything I use on a regular basis in the very small produce section. We also liked the small and tidy seafood counter (we picked up lobster tails and wild flounder on sale). There definitely is an emphasis on prepared foods in this store - I liked the fresh pasta counter and the bulk pasta. Big area devoted to pizza, burrito bar, salad/prepped food bar. Good-sized bulk food aisle and a surprisingly large selection of protein smoothie mix-ins (I must have missed that memo.) It reminds of the small and well-stocked WF on Waterman in Providence, which used to be a Bread and Circus.

        2. according to Eater, the Arl WF announced that they are going to officially start selling their own 'cronuts' Oct.1st. Jump back, Jack!

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            Cupcakes became donuts became cronuts. Behold the latest overhyped pastry fad. The good news is that you know if Whole Foods is in on it, it's already jumped the shark.

          2. A week in and the cracks are starting to show and the corporate store opening crew must have moved on to the next gala event for Whole Foods....

            Upon entry last night, the produce area at the front door...smelled fishy. Then I could not locate anyone to help with a custom meat order like I appreciated so much last Saturday afternoon.

            Since the salad bar was looking picked over and sad at about 8pm, I opted for other ready to eat food for take away. At the prepared foods counter, I was the only customer waiting and the only employee in sight behind the counter was on the phone and not even considering eye contact. When he finished his call, he came over and served up my order, still avoiding all eye contact or communication beyond "what and how much", basically...why was there no backup for this guy who obviously had something important to cover by phone?

            The green beans and broccoli rabe I finally procured from the guy were both nearly raw and completely unseasoned aside from a bunch of raw or burnt garlic strewn on top.

            Hoping the next visit will be an upturn...or one of my last.