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Sep 19, 2013 02:14 PM

Pomme Palais is now open!

Pomme Palais, a new French pastry cafe inside the New York Palace, by D.C. chef Michel Richard, is now open. At the beginning, I was skeptical and thought another dull tasting pastries were coming to New York, but the pastries I tried were pretty good actually, although not sophisticated.

St. Honoré's puff pastry dough was flaky, soft, and delicious, as was the cream. Strawberry eclair was not as impressive, but at least better than many eclairs found elsewhere in the city.

I am also looking forward to the opening of Villard and the Gallery!

* More photos:

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  1. Thank you for posting. this is a great news as I work close to palace hotel. Will try them out soon.

    1. Recent bouffe material -
      St. Honore - Great flaky fresh pastry, fantastic cream, perfect caramel. A reminder of how important it is to take more than intro baking at the CIA before opening a pastry shop.
      Apricot Danish - Glaze, pastry, and cream matched so well. A touch too much liquid made for a soggy center undercrust, but with the flavors so brilliant this can be overlooked.
      Chocolate Bar - It was described to me by the sales person as Kitkat like. I have had my share of Kitkats but none even close to this. The flake layer is hazelnut flavored and whole thing is super. Don't miss.
      The base standards for NYC pastry shops with Laduree and Pomme Palais here is at least at a respectable height.

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        A sour note to the above, both Pomme and Laduree have a very limited offering from the extensive repertoire of French pastry.