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Oct 12, 2004 12:24 PM

Austin BBQ/Seafood Spots

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I am heading to Austin for the Armstrong Ride for the Roses (week of 10/14-18) and would like some choice Chow-Specific spots for Seafood and BBQ.



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  1. GREAT BBQ = LOCKHART (20-30 minute drive SE on US 183). Scroll down and you'll see plenty of recs. My faves are Black's and Smitty's. Order beef brisket,
    sausage and chicken. Skip the sides except maybe some pinto beans.

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    1. re: Rick Schmidt
      Steve in Philly

      But read Greg's and my comments on Blacks which were posted yesterday. Smitty's is wort the 29 mile drive. Black's definitely NOT.

      I didn't have BBQ in City of Austin cause I knew I was going to Lockart.

      Also, if not a Sunday, you can try Kreuz' Market AND Smitty's and compare.

      BTW, there are NO SIDES at Smitty's! Just meat (and bread or crackers).

      Steve in Philly

      1. re: Steve in Philly

        Actually there are sides at Smitty's, they are just inside the "restaurant" part...i saw coleslaw, potato salad, peppers, hunks of cheese, etc. at the counter when i was there 2 weeks ago. There are, however, no was great to watch my 70+ in-laws chow down on BBQ with their hands. BTW they loved it.


      2. re: Rick Schmidt

        I had chance to try out the suggestions however I also tried an additional one. I went out on 183 South to Elgin to SouthSIde BBQ - had the brisket, hot sausage and pork ribs......excellent beans too however the meat, each one was unbelieveable....then in the next two hours we went out Blacks BBQ in Lockhart. When we arrived at Blacks BBQ we went to Lillies bar first and was informed that Black's was inferior to Smitty's. I agree Smitty had the most awesome Smoked Pork Chops and Slaw......

        thanks guys....I hope I can ride it off on The Ride for the Roses Bike Tour this weekend.

      3. For barbecue in Austin go to John Mueller's on Manor Road. For my money (I'm there at least once a month) it consistently runs in the same pack as the boys in Lockhart. Truly, it's excellent. For seafood, I'm partial to Eddie V's and I think both locations are very good.