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Sep 19, 2013 11:50 AM

Seeking teriyaki on the Rainier corridor

My go-to teriyaki place (Rainier Teriyaki) has disappointed me the last few times I've been there. Any recommendations for other teriyaki places on / near Rainier between I-90 & Columbia City?

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    1. re: equinoise

      Ditto. I know where I'm going for lunch today . . .

      1. re: equinoise

        Tonight, they get the dinner whirl. Anything especially good that I should try along with my Teriyaki Chicken?

        1. re: Booklegger451

          I'd suggest the chicken & gyoza combination for the most classic experience. The curry is the "house special" but truth be told, I haven't had it yet. This is (I believe) a Korean-owned joint, and the short rib is good too. I get the katsu donburi when I need something really hearty.

          And don't forget that smiles, "living water" and "god sauce" are all free of charge!

            1. re: equinoise

              I ended up getting the chicken and short rib combo. My take: Their teriyaki sauce is nice, sweet and funky without being TOO sweet. The chicken was well cooked, moist and tender with bits of char. My only complaint is that the skin was soft and slippery... could have been great if it had been crisped up, and would have been at least better with no skin at all. The short rib was tough and chewy and beefy and delicious. Ended up picking them up with my fingers and tearing the flavorful meat off the bones with my teeth. The rice was perfect, fresh and tender and just a bit sticky. The traditional unremarkable salad was fresh and crisp.

              The service and clientele both were very friendly, and while there was a short wait, it was definitely worth it.

        2. I'd strongly disagree with Toshio's, unfortunately. I went there after hearing that they were one of the originators of teriyaki in Seattle. I also knew about the weird religious thing and had no expectations about decor or service. Well, if the food had been up to the level of nearly any of the other teriyaki I've eaten in Seattle it would have been fine. I thought it was terrible!

          I had chicken teriyaki and tonkatsu. The chicken was dry and the tonkatsu had a very vinegar-y curry flavor that was a total turn off. Add to that a huge wait with few other customers, a cranky vibe from the people, and the kooky religious thing. Not for me. I know of a couple of other teriyaki places that are totally worth it, but nowhere near Rainier Valley.

          Two caveats: I only went there once, and it was more than a year ago.

          1. I also like Toshio's. Drove past it for probably 15 years without ever going inside. But since I've moved nearer to it, I decided to give it a try one day. Now it's my favorite. The chicken is nice and moist. I like that. I suppose it's a fair criticism that the skin could be more crispy. But if I have to choose overcooked chicken with crispy skin or moist, well cooked chicken where the skin is perhaps not completely crispy, well, I'll take the moist chicken.

            I like the salad too. Can't speak to any item on the menu except the basic Chicken Teriyaki. But for that alone, it's worth the visit (indeed any deviation from that may well be a mistake).

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            1. re: kingsinger

              I'm with you... the skin was detrimental, but overall the chicken was still very good. I've only had that and the short ribs, which I can tell you are very, very tasty... chewy and a bit tough, like you'd expect grilled short rib to be, but with a great flavor.

              I'll be going back sometime this week, and will try other menu items.