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Sep 19, 2013 11:44 AM

Please help me decide

You gave me some ideas for dinner (and lunches) during my upcoming business trip. Now I have to make some final decisions. Can you help me narrow down my choices? I am staying at the Hampton Inn on MLKJr. near the convention center. I won't have a car so a place I can walk to is a plus. Also, my spending is limited -- figure $45-$50 for dinner (with tax and tip)

I have three dinners and up to four lunches.


The King's Kitchen -- top of my list
Rooster’s kitchen -- top of my list
Halcyon - might be too pricey.
Mimosa Grill – early dinner $33 menu
Harvest Moon Grill
Soul Gastrolounge – 2 miles away -- perhaps too far.

Lola’s for lunch on Wednesday – chicken and dumplings
Pure Pizza
Midnight diner
Bojangle’s at the convention center

Thanks for your help!

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    1. re: Scirocco

      LOL Sorry about that -- the city is Charlotte.

    2. I think you were given great advice on your other thread. I would just add that Midnite Diner is ok, but nothing special, and Soul is definitly too far to walk. Fuel Pizza is very average.

      If you want to hit a cheap dive with great hot dogs for lunch, hit Green's Lunch. If you're willling to hop on the light rail, try Greek Isles or The Liberty for either lunch or dinner. Or get get some great take out fried chicken from Price's Chicken Coop.

      1. Why not Halcyon for lunch, or even better Sunday brunch if you're around. For the ambiance and food quality it's a terrific bargain.