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Sep 19, 2013 11:38 AM

Big Green Egg accessories

I know there's lots of BGE discussion and people contending for or against it. I recently bought the Large size BGE. I already have a Weber gas grill and a Weber kettle (the latter of which I've mostly used). So in my case, the issue is not whether the BGE is "worth it," but instead what accessories are most useful.

I bought it with the "plate setter." Before I buy a pizza stone, I think I might try using the plate setter itself as a pizza stone (on the grill grating). It does seem like an ash-catcher adapted to the egg would be a good addition.

Any other ideas about accessories that are really useful for the egg specifically? A number of things I see in catalogues just look like overpriced branded yuppified accessories, like the V-Rack and the "sittin' chicken" thing.

I have no grill lifter yet, for example, but don't know yet how crucial that might be, or when. And do they need covers for weather protection? (Midwest here--snow, heat, you name it.)

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  1. You'll need an ash remover. Pizza stone is a must. You need a barrier between the plate setter so the bottom of you pizza doesn't scorch. Get a 3/4" stone so it doesn't crack. I use my grid lifter often. Got one from third eye you can hang it and keep your grid off the floor. Eggware cap is a nice, but not a must have. A good pair of long BBQ gloves, and most of all get yourself racks that give you two of three cooking shelves. has a wealth of information and can lead you to the sites that sell accessories for the egg. A thermopen is a must.

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      agree with all this. plus a cover for weather. we also have lighting - we end up cooking in the dark!

    2. If accessory shelves are available, I would suggest that you get them. There's never enough room to rest things on.


        You really should spend more time on the BGE forums. Any question you have will be answered pronto.

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          I'm sure you're right, poser. But I also felt interested specifically in a forum like this one, because I am (not yet, anyway) imbued with any cultish enthusiasms that make me just delighted at all the stuff I can get for a BGE. I'm looking to Chowhound to keep the reality check in place!

        2. The secondary market of BGE accessories can be daunting and expensive. After 4 years of ownership and weekly use throughout each year the items we've found essential for the grilling and smoking we do include the following:

          BGE cookbook
          Thick pizza stone
          Long leather thermal glove(s)
          Ash removal tool
          Metal garden pail to catch pulled ashes
          Aluminum foil pans of varying sizes
          Assorted wood chunks and small fruitwood logs for long smokes
          Alder and maple planks
          Metal drip / water pan
          Long handle grill brush
          Pizza peel
          Long tongs

          Admittedly I have also picked up a sectional cast iron grill with griddle section as well as a second tier cook surface but for us hey are lower priority items. Good quality lump charcoal goes without saying. Enjoy your egging.

          1. Thanks for all these responses, everyone! They seem reasonable but also brought me to consider some things I probably wouldn't have thought about. :uckily I already have many of the more generic items like gloves and Thermapen.