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Sep 19, 2013 10:59 AM

One night in Vegas dinner for LA/NYers

Hello all... My husband and I are going to be in Vegas for one night ...
We live in LA now (for a year) but are from NYC.
So we're looking for a great and unique dinner special to Vegas.
We are staying on the Strip.

Any suggestions?
We obviously don't have any reservations yet...
We LOVE food (as all of you do!) ;)

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  1. E by Jose Andres in the Cosmopolitan for unique to Vegas if budget permits.

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    1. If you are from LA you already have Ssam at Bazaar by Andres - no need, at all, to do é by Jose Andres. It is good, but it is in your back yard.

      There is no outpost for Gagnaire in LA or New York, so consider Twist at the Mandarin Oriental. The is also no Joel Robuchon or Guy Savoy, though those do exist in many other countries.

      If you are willing to grab a cab, Raku is every bit worth the praise it receives. If you prefer remain on the strip and the three French Juggernauts don't appeal then I'd suggest looking into Sage.