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Sep 19, 2013 10:59 AM

Casual early lunch near Lincoln Center

Looking for a place to grab a quick bite for lunch after spending a morning in Central Park. Looking for something from 72nd to 65th as we want to plan to go from Strawberry Fields to the Ghostbuster building, grab lunch somewhere inbetween this before we re-enter the park to do the carousel and zoo.

Is Gray's Papaya a must see? Please note we ARE from Chicago but nowhere else do we have plans to stop for a hot dog, is this it? Same for falafel, no plans to stop so wouldn't mind a rec for that.

Are there any food trucks nearby where we can grab lunch and sit on the steps of the Lincoln Center to eat? No pizza or burger recs, please.

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  1. Coming from chicago i'm not sure gray's papaya will be appreciated....

    A few blocks north at 78th is the best option for the are IMO, gazala's palace. The platter sample for meze is perfect to share with pitas and salad for a lunch:

    Grandaisy bakery on w72nd is tiny but a great grab and go option, for the paninis and pizza slices- not typical nyc pizza, but very good with creative toppings.

    1. You could grab something from the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle.

      1. 'wichcraft is right across from the NY State Theater (that's the southernmost building at Lincoln Center). Sandwiches and soups are quite good and reasonably priced.

        1. There is a Mexican food truck between 70th and 71st (or maybe 69 and 70) on Amsterdam that I found quite good. I liked the tortas.

          Gray's Papaya ... I'd say this is more if you are really hungry with no money and need something fast. Better than a fast food place, but not "must see" (although some of the signs outside can be funny).

          If you want falafel, there is Sido on 72 and Columbus. I wouldn't say this is NYC's best falafel by any means, but it's not bad.