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Sep 19, 2013 10:30 AM

Wood Tavern in SF Chron [Oakland]

Downgraded to two stars by Michael Bauer in today's SFChron:

My husband's emailed response: "sacre bleu!"

I've never been the fan that he is (noise/table-crowding biggest issues for me--I've had meals there where I've simply given up trying to talk/hear--as for the food, I've liked some dishes I've had, but it's more a style thing--I just prefer simpler for my local).

That said, while some of Bauer's critique resonates, I wonder about his quarrel w/ dishes like the gnocchi--I've certainly evolved as a home cook, such that the balance of veg to what we think of as main (pasta or protein) is now longer on the veg--but perhaps he's saying something different re balance (hard in any review to tell, esp. a short f/up one like this).

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  1. I too am not a big fan of Wood Tavern. The table crowding and noise is part of the problem. My other big issue is the amount of sauce/jus, etc on so many of the plates. From the article look at the pictures of the chicken, gnocchi and halibut. All of them have a pool beneath them, and the entrée swimming on the plate. I have had the same experience with the pork chop, etc.

    1. The pastrami sandwiches, pastas with lamb or pork ragù, and fish soups I've had in the past year were as good as ever.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        @ Scott M: Missed the pictures--(per Gilda Radner) "never mind."

        @ Robert Lauristan: So I remember agreeing w/ you that the Wood Tavern's burger didn't merit the hype (wrong bun).

        But you DO concur w/ all the thumbs-up re the pastrami. And I don't get that either (too fatty/greasy). Wondering if maybe I just don't like pastrami (being serious here).

        I agree w/ you re the ragu's (very good, if at least once that I remember over-salted)--and I think their soups are almost always great, though don't happen to love the fish soup (that, definitely is me, rather than them--just don't warm to that particular style of fish soup).

        1. re: sundeck sue

          The burger is great except for the baguette, which some people prefer.

          Too fatty, well, I can see how somebody might say that about Chinese steamed bacon with mustard greens.