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Sep 19, 2013 09:44 AM

Food recs for Tokyo

A friend and I will be spending about 7 nights in Tokyo in October. We are renting an apartment in Western Tokyo / Shimokitazawa. I would love some local recommendations, either in Western Tokyo OR places worth a train ride or subway to. Both cheap eats and mid-priced meals. We are from San Francisco so we appreciate good food - and will travel. Any tips greatly appreciated.

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  1. Tenmamichi is a good mid-priced izakaya with decent deep-fried kushiage dishes and a great sake list.

    The second floor of Champrouse is a good place to try Okinawan cuisine.

    Torikizoku is a lively and fun budget izakaya specializing in yakitori.

    All are listed at

    By the way, Tokyo is pretty spread out, and "Western Tokyo" usually refers to areas a lot farther out than Shimo-Kitazawa.

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      Thanks - this is awesome. Will travel for great food!

    2. Tobu Sakana and Uoshin are both excellent, good value seafood izakaya in Shimo-kitazawa...Also try the miso buns or anything really at Angelica bakery...I always pop into Ushitora for some Japanese craft beers...Okame in Higashi-Kitazawa is a great oden restaurant.

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        Great recs, Silverjay. Also note that the fish and chips at Ushitora are exceptional, with thin almond slices in the batter.
        Also, Okame is one of the best Oden places around on that side of town. Plus, Uoshin is legendary.

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          Don't know how I forgot Uoshin, but I will second that recommendation, and also Ushitora.

          And I still need to try Okame.

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          Thanks - this is awesome. Appreciate!