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Sep 19, 2013 09:31 AM

Daytime Drinks and Snacks in Portland?

I'm planning a day trip to Portland from Boston this weekend, while the weather is still warm. I'll definitely be going to Eventide for some oysters, but the rest of the day is still open.

We'd love to walk around and have drinks or snacks elsewhere in Portland. Are there any great bars, casual restaurants, or restaurants with bars open on Saturday afternoon? I'd especially love recommendations for places we can sit outside.


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  1. Portland Lobster Company has free live music on the deck on the water starting at 12:30PM. I'm not a fan of the food but they have a pretty good beer selection. Great scene.

    If you're a beer geek (or just love an amazing selection) Nuvare Res (finding it is half the fun) also a great deck - no water view. I think the food is pretty ok - not everyone is a fan (of the food).

    Infiniti has a nice outdoor on the water deck and word has it that they've been improving their food game. I like their beer - I'd call most of their in-house brews easy drinking. They're big on the infused spirits thing that's all the craze.

    Porthole will maybe have some free music with decent eats and next door Boones (brand new) is very nice though the reviews have been mixed between the haters and lovers of the owner. Both right on the water decks.

    There's also the Portland BBQ and Blues festival this weekend on the Maine State Pier (the ferry terminal). BBQ and Blues - what could be better? I think it's $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

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        Away from all the hubub, Duck Fat has their famous fries and
        other things , but it's alw packed. Just to the left of them, that place has an exc bar program, very intimate seating and neat foods- open all aftnoon iirc.-- across the street from Eventide.

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          East Ender. Yes, open all afternoon and a very worthy stop. Often overlooked because of its popular neighbors.