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Sep 19, 2013 08:40 AM


Have to spend the night in Millbrae due to early flight the next day.
Heard the best restaurants are in Burlingame. Advice?

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for, and will you have access to a car? Knowing that will be helpful in providing recommendations....but it's true that there's some good stuff down in Millbrae, Burlingame, Foster City, etc.

      1. Whoops. I was sort of vague. We will indeed have a car.
        No Asian because we're headed for Bangkok. Something
        good, straightforward and with a full bar. My husband gets
        a little nervous when we start out on a trip - so no Mexica

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            Osteria Coppa, on B Street in San Mateo. I can't say it's the "best" restaurant in the general area, but it's damn good. Fresh, seasonal Italian. Definitely get a res, tho my friend and I were lucky to get a table as walk-ins 2 weeks ago.

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              Hi tafttiger, since you'll have a car and are coming from the Sacramento area, I suggest that you grab an early dinner in San Francisco. From the Potrero Hill, Bernal Heights or the Mission neighborhoods, you're less than a 20-minute drive on the freeway to Millbrae anyway. You'll have many more choices.

            2. I know you said no Asian, but since you're headed for Bangkok, you might want to see if you can get a reservation at Sakae sushi. I doubt you'll be having anything remotely similar on your trip and it's definitely a destination restaurat; probably the best in Burlingame. It might be difficult to get a table though, depending on when you're leaving.

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                All things considered, I think Sakae is the best Japanese restaurant in the Bay Area. Not sure if beef/lamb/pork shabu shabu is too Asian for you, but between San Mateo and Burlingame, we have three great places: Shabuway, Zabu Zabu, and Shabu House. Actually there are many dozens of Japanese places around, from upscale yakitori house Mokutanya in Burlingame to izakaya scattered all around downtown San Mateo. Oh and there's New England Lobster in Burlingame. And of course some of the strongest Chinese (Cantonese, Sichuan) restaurants around in Millbrae.