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Sep 19, 2013 08:25 AM

Jersey transplants, you won't believe what i just found and where

I had a delivery to St Paul today from Minneapolis and thought I would wait to have breakfast. As an east coaster, I am always looking for something worthwhile for breakfast. Well, I couldn't find anything that caught my fancy on the way or on the way back and figured I would just go in and get a gross Bobby and Steve's warmer sandwich. My choices were sausage and egg on english muffin [probably hard and tastless] and a ham, egg and bagel sammy. I took the ham sandwich and brought it to work. I opened it and found the ham was actually Taylor ham,....PORK ROLL!!!! OMG!! What a find!!! PORK ROLL < PORK ROLL PORK ROLL!!!!!!!!!!
It was great and now I know where to get my breakfast!!!

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  1. Byerlies (Ridgedale) carries it in their deli.

      1. re: sandylc

        No, not Spam-like, not in my view anyway. Also called Taylor ham, it's popular in the Philly area, so central and south Jersey. It's a foreign concept in North Jersey.

        It's sliced, looks like a cross between bologna, salami, and ham. It's a hammy bologna, with a salami-ish look.

        It's really popular for breakfast in a pork roll, ham and cheese breakfast sandwich. It's a basic food truck staple (in the days before food trucks got all fancy).

        1. re: foreverhungry

          Interesting. A quick google shows it to be a spiced, cured pork product. Hey, it looks like you can have it shipped....

      2. oh! I just hate it when someone plays the spam-card!

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