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Frank Bruni essay in NYT

A nice piece about being a "regular" at a restaurant.


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  1. Yes, there is nothing as nice as when one has dinner in a restaurant and one knows he/she is going to be well cared for.

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      We have a handful of places we frequent on Sunday afternoons. We sit at the bar and for the next couple of hours it is pure bliss. Wonderful food and excellent service; after a while, one forges a nice relationship with the bartenders and the ritual becomes more like catching up with an old friend. Yes, the "comps" are nice (a glass of bubbly or a digestivo here, a dessert there) but we always compensate with a nice tip, so it works both ways.

    2. I also loved Bruni's article in the NYT

      1. And then there are restaurants like Louro who gave 3 dishes on the house when i dined there for the first time a few months ago with my sis. They also had wonderful service...I guess this is why the restaurant is being loved.

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          That "sword" can cut both ways: will probably make you a regular, and will annoy others who have dined at Louro and have not received 3 dishes on the house.

        2. If I lived in The City, I'd likely have my regular haunts as well.

          Things being the way they are, I tend to try new (to me) places in New York when I visit.

          Berlin's a whole 'nother story -- plenty of places we visit several times over the summer, and always look forward to returning to them.

          1. Thanks for posting this. It was nice idea.

            There was a place in Nei Hu, Taiwan that i took my then girlfriend (now wife) to every week. It was wonderful to have a familiar smile, the knowledge that when it was clear I only knew a few dishes in Chinese, that they would send something else out in addition they figured I would like.

            I am surprised more places have not at least tried the seating system at Rao's.

            The article does make me want the recipe for that roast chicken. I think Waxman has a book out, maybe it is in there?

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              You mean you buy a seat? Not many restaurants can pull that off..

              1. l always did love the way he wrote. In this instance l seem to have found a kindred spirit. In the various locales l live l blessedly have a cadre of treasured restaurants. Lord, it makes life easier and far more pleasant.
                Over the years while l continue to kiss frogs as one reliable critic says this place or that is great or a friend, rarely are they as good as my usual haunts. If they are, wonderful, l will add them to the revered list, but l just checked my list of 20 standbys and only 6 are new in the last three years and l have tried far too many.
                Thanks again Mr Bruni for expressing my thoughts so eloquently.

                1. Enjoyed reading this article. It made me think of all the restaurants I'm a regular at.. So greatful to have them in my life !

                  1. Loved that article. That's why I miss some of the places I frequented that have closed. Have regular Japanese spots, but no regular Italian spots anymore.

                    1. He makes many good points. I have my regular haunts and familiarity often breeds content.

                      This cuts both ways - the places I go to regular are places I liked when I went the first time.

                      1. I loved this piece too. Having lived in New Orleans where people make a fetish of being regulars at "their" restaurants I can relate!